Goal Tracking

Before going to Lebanon I was meeting with a friend once a week for accountability. We began meeting because of the rush of life that seemed to be drowning the two of us. We each were in the midst of a struggle that seemed completely overpowering to us, but we weren’t struggling with the same Big Thing, so we were able to encourage each other. Through the time we met together we checked in on several aspects of life that we both knew were essential to our walk with Christ. We knew that we needed to process through the negatives in our week so that they didn’t pile up in our brains, but we also wanted to make sure to be grateful to God daily. Therefore, we had to write down every day a High, Low, and a God Moment. Because we both live hectic, crazy, full lives, we also determined that when we met and talked through our weeks we would write goals for the following week and then actually check on each other to see if we were accomplishing them.

In Lebanon I missed this weekly check in, and I knew that life would be hard to transition, but many of the good habits formed through this accountability, and my other groups I had been involved in at church, soon were broken. In doing the Bible Study through Psalms Book 1 I was able to feel accountable to everyone who joined it with me. But as we returned to America that habit has fallen aside as well.

As New Year’s approached I thought nothing of making goals and resolutions. I was too sad that Louis was gone and too focused on trying to help Davy adjust to yet another change. Then the insomnia set in. Insomnia is nothing unusual to me, I had it for most of high school, college, marriage, and my first pregnancy. Yet as I reflected I realized that it really hasn’t been an issue until Louis left, and so I began to think of what I should do. Read the Bible…oh yeah! And as I read my chapter a day again I also felt the need to begin goal tracking again as well. An encouragement I have been using in Lebanon is to read blogs from other moms and many of them send out a weekly goals list: whether personal, food planning, or all inclusive. I have a blog, I thought to myself, I could also track my goals that way. And maybe other people in my life who follow my blog could keep me accountable or at least know me better by the life that I intend on leading.

I sat down last night and thought about, researched, and wrote all sorts of goals that I would like to work toward. I thought about our Sabbath lesson at MTI, and remembered the plan we made for our Sabbath in Lebanon. As I reflected on that, I rejoiced that we were able to do most of the things we had decided were important on our Sundays in Lebanon. So, now what is reasonable and also what God wants while I am here? Therefore, I figure I will make a weekly goal list on my mommy blog: Limit of 5 goals each week. As I thought about this, I thought it might be the perfect place to start sharing more than just books, which was the purpose it began with two years ago. I can share my life with you and the ups and downs of this adventure.

So, let us begin:

My Goals For This Week:

  1. Do School with Davy 3 Days
  2. Update Fundraising Information, Reimbursements, and Mail Checks
  3. Start Writing Thank You Cards & Follow Up from Fundraising Events
  4. Create a Blog Post Calendar of “Due Dates” & Topics
  5. Have Davy sit on the Toilet for Potty Time Twice a Day

Author: Annie Liss

Currently a mother and a wife who loves reading. Formerly a middle school math teacher who kept too busy and stressed out to read. My husband and I are missionaries in Lebanon.

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