Weekly Goals

My Goals For Last Week:

  1. Do School with Davy 3 Days
    (This one was very important to me and I am so glad it worked out. There were projects we didn’t do, and there was flexibility to the Plan that Mommy had made, but we did it!)
  2. Update Fundraising Information,
    Reimbursements, and Mail Checks
  3. Start Writing Thank You Cards & Follow Up from Fundraising Events (As I went through my daily To Do List this goal and the following goal became bigger tasks than could be accomplished around other things, so I moved them to smaller micro tasks in the coming weeks)
  4. Create a Blog Post Calendar of “Due Dates” & Topics
  5. Have Davy sit on the Toilet for Potty Time Twice a Day
    Almost immediately I wished I had not made this goal this week, but naptime and bedtime became times he “needed” to try to sit on the toilet, and while he was doing it for stalling I was glad that he was trying. And we had some progress!

My Goals For This Week:

  1. Potty Time Three Times a Day (Since he initiated his own Potty Time twice a day I am going to try to add one more this week.)
  2. School with Davy 3 Days
  3. File Event Information, Add People to Newsletter, List People Who Need Thank You Cards
  4. Write 5 Thank You Cards
  5. List Backlogged Blog Topics and Prioritize them

I made a calendar for Daily Goals as well, and that is what I tried to accomplish each day. As I said with the fundraising tasks and the blogging tasks, I realized that I had made my goals to vague. I couldn’t fully accomplish the task, so I had to break them down into much smaller pieces to really have them on the Daily Goals calendar. I was able to begin with each goal that I had the previous week, but it was more of figuring out how I want to organize the two blogs, researching a possible change to owning our own domain name, and gathering into a pile everything I need for the Thank You project. So, those pieces were a success and a step in the right direction. It was better than being overwhelmed and walking away from the goal entirely.

I am continuing to work on my yearlong goals, so soon these weekly goals will expand into different categories as I go to work on big goals as well. Stay tuned, and please feel free to post/reply with your own weekly goals in the comments and how you did on them this week!

Author: Annie Liss

Currently a mother and a wife who loves reading. Formerly a middle school math teacher who kept too busy and stressed out to read. My husband and I are missionaries in Lebanon.

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