Daily Goals

As I am praying through my goals for this year, and writing down the details I know God has been telling me over the last year for what He wants me to pursue, I found many passions that I have allowed to be swept to the side. The way I think of it is the quick clean you give your house when you have company coming over. It doesn’t matter if the items are important or not, they all get swept into a closet to be out of the way. But after company leaves it can be so easy to leave that basket of supplies, that cross stitch project, and that book in the closet gathering dust because other things come in and take your time. When my Bible ends up in Davy’s room and I get into bed and don’t have it, it is all too easy to just give up for the night because it isn’t out in plain sight.

An Essential to My Day: Good Morning Hugs

    Some of these passions are Daily Goals of mine. Things that I would like to have every day. For instance, something that has brought joy and healing in a way that I never would have expected is the simple act of Good Morning Hugs. My love language is not touch, but I discovered that I needed to have a morning hug in order to feel like we were starting the day together. Since I have terrible nightmares 66% of the time, I wake up terribly, and I don’t really ever sleep enough, it is easy to just want to avoid me in the morning. I even want to avoid myself most mornings. However, there is nothing like stripping away that bad dream like my husband just wrapping his arms around me and saying, “Good Morning.” It really does spark something inside me to recognize that the night has passed and we are now in a new day.

Am I setting myself up for failure?

    As I was sharing about these Daily Goals I had discovered I wanted in my life, Louis and I were able to also talk about the reality of adding them to a list for the year. Am I going to have a checklist hanging over my head of these Daily Goals every day and have to check them off at night? And speaking of those, when we look at the similarly long list of Weekly Goals… With my guilt issues and ability to hear “You failed” in every situation, my loving and supportive husband asked me to really think about the way in which I go about this list. So, I prayed through them again and deleted some.

Taking My Husband’s Advice: Use the Delete Key

    I deleted Goals that were Duty and Work related first. If I don’t study Arabic today, or Davy doesn’t pick up his toys another day, that does not leave me with a day unaccomplished. Then I combined goals so that I was not failing just because I hadn’t accomplished a small detail. Finally, I ended up with 5 Daily Goals that all were focused on rejuvenating our family. One of our constant desires as missionaries is to live lives that move beyond merely Surviving to Thriving. After I had narrowed, and prayed, I realized that these were some of the keys to Thriving for me. So here are my 5 Daily Goals to Thrive By:

  1. Family Good Morning Hugs, Jesus Talk, Laughter, Prayer, and Cuddles

All of these things are important to me. They are also those things that I hear about being a challenge for anyone who is pregnant or has a newborn, and I want them in my life. When Davy was born we focused on these, and I want to do the same with Kyrie, and forever really.

  1. Marriage: Text/Skype Message Each Other

This is one of those things on Pinterest that has just stuck with me. With Louis in Lebanon and us here in America, those daily messages back and forth are so essential. But also, once we are back in Lebanon together, when the day gets busy and hectic and he is at work and I am at home with the kids we really don’t know how the other person’s day is going, and I think this is a habit I really want to continue to show my love and support for my husband.

  1. Kids Book Marathons

I found this on a blog and I just love it. With Davy’s homeschool we have a book of the week every week. But sitting down with a whole box of books and just reading and reading and reading is so fun, Davy loves it, I love it, and he gets so much out of it. My teacher mantra has always been, “Talk to your kids. Read to your kids.” So, this is a must for me. Also, it is so open ended. Our book marathon could be three books or it could be fifteen. At the very least we read books before bed, and that includes the Bible.

  1. Morning Quiet Time

I have been slipping on this since I got pregnant. Davy is awake before me every day, and I just am tired all the time. So, after scaling back my expectations, I know that I need to spend months working back up to my ideal Morning Routine, but I can start by just making it important. Reading something in the Bible, praying in the shower, just starting to make it a part of my life again.

  1. Personal Me Time: Read, Journal, Cross Stitch, Solitaire, or Logic Puzzles

And of course, the Me Time. So necessary to my life is some quiet time, and yet just as easy to toss aside for the more important and pressing matters at hand. But just having some cool down time lets me actually sleep better at night, and being able to have things that are solely me, my hobbies, is fun and gets me in a much better mood.


Author: Annie Liss

Currently a mother and a wife who loves reading. Formerly a middle school math teacher who kept too busy and stressed out to read. My husband and I are missionaries in Lebanon.

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