Blog Bible Study (Quiet Time: Reposted)

    Reading through the first book of Psalms, I posted my Study Notes to our Lisses to Lebanon blog. I am in the process of moving those posts to this blog, and am going to be posting my new Study of 1 Samuel. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to refresh my original post about how the Blog Bible Study works. The original post is copied below, from June of 2014, and I will mark my current edits in this lovely blue bold text.

What I have heard from people over and over is how hard it is to find time to do Bible Study, Quiet Time, Devotionals, and/or prayer time. Well, I know how that feels. What God has been teaching me over the past few months is to seek His approval in all things. So, as I write about my commitments, know that we are all in a different season of our lives. At one point in my life (college) I was part of a prayer walk group that met 3 times a week from 8pm to midnight. That was an amazing time of maturing in prayer, building fellowship with that group, and was only for a year of my life (in school years). At another point in my life I took the 40 days of Lent to commit to 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening for time with God. This was possible because Davy was napping a lot, and nursing, so I would read the Bible while nursing. That was an amazing time of giving everything to God, and each of these seasons has helped me learn about myself and God.

Let me tell you about the season I am in currently. Some of you are reading this to figure out how I will be doing this whole Blog Bible Study thing, and some because you are a part of our prayer team for Lebanon. Either way, I hope this will encourage you and help you connect with me better.

    I am in yet another season of transition.

  • Pregnancy: Transitioning from having one child to two, from being pregnant, to nursing, etc.
  • Culture & Life Style: I am still adjusting to life in America and in May will be going back to Lebanon for yet another transition.
  • Language: Now we are immersed in English and with pregnancy brain it is so hard to practice Arabic anyway, but it is a transition for Davy and I to keep attempting to practice and in May to be thrown back into immersion of Arabic.
  • Blogging: I really do enjoy having a blog where I can basically post what I want, which is why I am moving so much content from Lisses to Lebanon to my Mommy Book Blog. This is also a transition in learning computer skills I don’t have mastery of yet.
  • Marriage & Family: Louis will return to us on February 13! This has been so hard, being apart from my husband, Davy being apart from his Daddy, and to feel basically homeless during it because Daddy is in our home in Lebanon without us.

In other words, there is constant flux around me, and I am clinging to God to keep from being knocked over by the waves of change. Therefore, since returning to America in November, I have been working at maintaining consistency for Davy and I. We function very well on routines. My routine has changed for quiet time as well, so I suggest hopping over to that original post to see what I was doing the last time around, and to use these two as a way to pray through your own quiet time. One of the encouraging blogs that has truly helped motivate me to spend quiet time every day with God is Our Out-of-Sync Life. When you subscribe to her blog you receive a free ebook called A Quiet Time, Worth the Time.


The way I typically do my quiet time:

  1. Time of Day:
    1. I feel that morning quiet time is important, but with pregnancy our schedule has not allowed for it, so I am currently consistently doing evening quiet time.
  2. Pray.
    1. Talk to God, sometimes I type up a Word Document prayer to God.
    2. I pray with Davy before each meal, nap, and bedtime.
  3. Study: For 1 Samuel I am going through the actual Study about once a week.
    1. Open up my Study document on my computer (Which makes it mobile for my international needs). All you need to make your own notebook page or word document are these headings:
      1. Scripture:
      2. Date:
      3. Overview
      4. Main Characters
      5. Key Verse
      6. Cross References
      7. Conclusion
    2. Read the section/chapter 3 times.
      1. Yes, read it three times through completely.
      2. My favorite part is seeing verses that I have heard so many times and being able to put them in context of the chapter. Reading the chapter three times helps with this process because the first time through those verses stand out completely. By the third time through I am able to read them easily within the chapter and see how they connect to the chapter and book.
    3. Begin filling out the sheet with an overview of the chapter after you’ve read it 3 times.
    4. List the main characters.
      1. I list ever character which will let me search by words like blind man, unrighteous, etc. later.
    5. Choose one key verse.
      1. This is not a verse that is the most popular. As I said about reading through the text 3 times, verses that have been used over and over around us are not necessarily the verses that capture the chapter best.
  4. Bible Reading Plan: Every Day
    1. Since it is hard for me to do a study at night, I only get about 1 chapter a week done. Therefore, I made myself a Bible Reading Plan, which I read from every night.
    2. If I don’t get to everything on my reading plan it is okay, because I am reading Scripture every night.
    3. Finally, every night Davy and I read books together, and always read the Bible. Currently I am reading him a chapter from whatever I am reading that night.

One note I want to add: It has been on my heart for a long time to share with others how Jesus really is in the entire Bible. I even bought a Bible that has commentary specific to that purpose. Therefore, there is a section for these notes called Jesus in the Old Testament. In my reading Psalms in my ESV Gospel Transformation Bible I was encouraged and inspired by the introduction which shared about reading the Psalms with the words of Jesus in mind. Luke 24:44 says, “Everything written about me in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled.”


Author: Annie Liss

Currently a mother and a wife who loves reading. Formerly a middle school math teacher who kept too busy and stressed out to read. My husband and I are missionaries in Lebanon.

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