My Goals for 2015

Well, it has been over a month of preparing for this post. Here are my goals broken down into their categories:


    1. Family
      1. Walks: Two to Three Times a Week
    2. Marriage
      1. Read 6 Marriage Books This Year
      2. Encourage Louis’ Photography: Monthly
      3. Play Killer Bunnies: Twice a Month (When We Return to Lebanon)
      4. Make At Least 3 New Music Mixes Together
      5. Read 1 Book Together
    3. Kids
      1. Organize Clothing: Monthly
      2. Write Love Notes: Monthly
    4. Kyrie
      1. Nursing
      2. Headbands
        1. Create them
        2. Wear them
    5. David
      1. Improve Routines (ex. Teeth Brushed)
        1. Use past self-care skills and manners
        2. Toilet Training: Daily
        3. Teeth Brushed: Daily


    1. Homeschooling
      1. Crafts: Twice a Week
    2. Arabic
      1. Homework/Practical Sentences: Weekly
      2. Pimsleur CD’s: Twice a Week
      3. Study Plan: Make Weekly Project Goals
      4. Make Arabic Books for Davy and Kyrie: Before We Head Back to Lebanon


      1. Bible
        1. Morning Quiet Time: (Work Back Up To Full Quiet Time in Morning When We Return to Lebanon)
        2. MemVerse: 4 Times a Week
        3. Listen to 12 Online Sermons
        4. Read 6 Good Quality Christian Books
        5. Make a Digital Prayer Binder & Gratitude Journal & Write in Them Daily
        6. Read Entire Bible
          1. Read Entire New Testament 10 Times Through (Basically Once a Month & Giving Myself 2 Months Slack for Kyrie and the Move Back to Lebanon)
        7. Do 2 In-Depth Bible Studies: One Topical, One Book
        8. Attend Bible Study: Monthly
        9. Increase Giving
      2. Fellowship & Grouping
        1. Find an Arabic Church in Lebanon
        2. Attend Church: At Least Twice a Month Focus on Fellowship More
        3. Invite More People Over & Visit More People: Aim for Once a Month

  1. Lisses to Lebanon Blog
    1. Posts Planned
    2. Two Posts Per Month (Hopefully, one written by Louis each month at least)


    1. Mommy Book Blog
      1. Read 24 Books for Fun
      2. Post my Book Studies
      3. Post Weekly Goals
      4. Post Something Every Week
      5. Get Blogs Organized and Usable
        1. This category has some goals, but I am not going to be sharing them on this blog, so you will just see the four main Categories in the coming weeks.

Author: Annie Liss

Currently a mother and a wife who loves reading. Formerly a middle school math teacher who kept too busy and stressed out to read. My husband and I are missionaries in Lebanon.

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