Weekly Goals

Last Week’s Goals:


  1. Family Date
  2. Begin Reading 1st Marriage Book
    (I started This Momentary Marriage, by John Piper. It was a recommendation from several friends, and I am very excited to have started it. I am looking forward to reading it through March.)
  3. Photography Date with Louis to Look at Lebanon Pictures
    (It turned out that there were no Lebanon pictures Louis had not already shown me, but Sunday night we sat down and looked through all the pictures I took while he was away and discussed styles we liked and wanted to have. I won’t babble too much about it, but it was a great mini-date!)


  1. Choose Pictures for Arabic Picture Books to Make
    (This is an ongoing process, but Louis and I going through pictures gave us some for the beginning, and he began filing them appropriately.)
  2. Study Arabic at least Once
  3. Bind Davy’s Books

This category was a little disappointing to look at near the end of the week because it was basically untouched. We still did homeschool, but with Daddy coming home, Ash Wednesday, and the other events throughout the week, on top of my utter exhaustion from being pregnant, Arabic and Davy’s books got pushed to the side again. This week I will need to scale back the expectations on myself because I am so exhausted.


  1. Take time in the Morning to do 1 Samuel Study
    (Because of nightmares and several early morning runs to the bathroom from which I could not get back to sleep, I made excellent progress back toward morning devotional time. I was able to do the next chapter of 1 Samuel in the morning without much distraction.)
  2. Bible Reading Plan (I did about 75% of my readings for the week, which I think is pretty good. I knew it would be hard to continue the habit with Louis home because I had been reading at night. Now that he is home I want to spend time with him after Davy goes to sleep, so I often stay up with him and then pass out reading, or just skip it entirely. However, I did get caught up in the story of Joseph, so I read a huge chunk beyond my planned reading in Genesis. That was fun, and my plan for this week will just be a fresh start. No guilt.)
  3. Visit Friends
  4. Write Blog Post for Lisses to Lebanon


  1. Write Review of Rook
  2. Begin Reading a Fun Book
    (I started and finished another book which I will hopefully review this week.)
  3. Take Me Time (I really didn’t do this this week. I think that I am starting to get grouchy due to it, also. I need to focus in on this this week a little better and let Louis have Davy time on his own without me having to be there. I am hovering too much this week, next week I want to be more stable.)

This week was actually pretty well accomplished considering how exhausted I got near the end of it, and Davy and Louis starting to get sick! Yay God for reflection time to realize how much was accomplished!

This Week’s Goals:


  1. Begin Hospital Bag for Kyrie & Mommy
  2. Write Love Notes to Louis & Kyrie
  3. Keep Reading This Momentary Marriage


  1. Bind Davy’s Books
  2. Choose Pictures for Arabic Picture Books
  3. Reestablish Potty Routines


  1. Write Lisses to Lebanon blog post.
  2. Find a morning to study next chapter of 1 Samuel
  3. Bible Reading Plan


  1. Me Time: Make hairbows, cross stitch, or read.
  2. Write Review of The Girl in the Steel Corset
  3. Write Review of The Rook
  4. Library Trip

Author: Annie Liss

Currently a mother and a wife who loves reading. Formerly a middle school math teacher who kept too busy and stressed out to read. My husband and I are missionaries in Lebanon.

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