Weekly Goals

Last Week’s Goals:


  1. Begin Hospital Bag for Kyrie & Mommy (Louis and I made lists for Kyrie, Mommy, Daddy, and a Big Brother kit for Davy and are planning on taking the next two weeks to pack the items on the lists.)
  2. Write Love Notes to Louis & Kyrie
  3. Keep Reading This Momentary Marriage

We went to the zoo three times this week, got to visit with friends, and were really together as a family all week. It was a wonderful impromptu holiday week! I feel very accomplished in our week.


  1. Bind Davy’s Books (We bought Minion Duck Tape and so I think I will use that, so one step toward this done.)
  2. Choose Pictures for Arabic Picture Books (Louis has continued to do this and share with me pictures he has taken.)
  3. Reestablish Potty Routines (While Davy is still not coming to me to initiate using the toilet unless it is nap time or bed time, we are using the toilet with less fuss and keeping the pull ups dry more often.)


  1. Write Lisses to Lebanon blog post.
  2. Find a morning to study next chapter of 1 Samuel
  3. Bible Reading Plan
    (This week I read 62% of my plan, and one of the main reasons was my lack of Me Time.)


  1. Me Time: Make hairbows, cross stitch, or read. (There was one day this week that I made this a priority, and there were a few nights that I sat and read the Bible, but it was still a struggle.)
  2. Write Review of The Girl in the Steel Corset
  3. Write Review of The Rook (Check out this book review HERE)
  4. Library Trip

This Week’s Goals:


  1. Read 4 Chapters of This Momentary Marriage
  2. Continue to Work on Mix for New Baby Kyrie
  3. Find a Pediatrician


  1. Back to School for Davy—We took our “Spring Break” last week.—3 days this week.
  2. Bind Davy’s Books
  3. Begin to Read Educational Book


  1. Bible Reading Plan
  2. Write Letters: (Thank You, Encouragement, Love)
  3. Work on Lebanon Packet for Incoming Teams


  1. Me Time Every Day
  2. OBGYN Appointment

Author: Annie Liss

Currently a mother and a wife who loves reading. Formerly a middle school math teacher who kept too busy and stressed out to read. My husband and I are missionaries in Lebanon.

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