Make Your Own Bible Reading Plan

My maiden name is Horner, so when I came across the Professor Grant Horner Bible Reading Plan I was intrigued. Then I saw the number of chapters that I would be reading each night and I left the webpage without another glance. Later, though, when I had not found a single reading plan that felt “Right”, I decided to make my own. And I used the Horner method as my starting point.

So, here is what I did with some steps to help you make your own Bible Reading Plan:

Get Your Priorities In Order

What you will read will depend a lot on what you want to read. I had two main goals as I started looking at Bible reading plans: 1) I wanted to read the Gospels more & 2) I wanted to read Epistles as a full letter-as much as I can read in one sitting.

Are there certain books you want to read? Make a list of those books, or the type of book you are most interested in. Brainstorm other aspects of Bible reading: Historical significance, Certain characters you want to know more about, etc.

Make Your Own Lists

One of the things I really like about the Grant Horner System is the lists. The idea of his plan is that you read one chapter from each of the lists every day. This is an ongoing plan which will allow you to read certain parts of the Bible multiple times in a year (Gospels – 4 times, Pentateuch – 2 times, Paul’s Letters – 4 to 5 times, Wisdom Literature – 6 times, Psalms – 2 times, Proverbs & Acts – 12 times, History and Prophecy – 1 ½ times), and at least the whole Bible in a year. Each time you get to the end of the chapters in a list you start over, which means you will never read the same ten chapters twice.

How I Made My Lists

Since I liked the idea of reading through the Gospels and Epistles several times, I knew I wanted one list for each. I also wanted to read bigger chunks together, so my first two lists turned out like this:

List 1 (Read 5 Chapters = 26 Days): Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts

List 2 (Read an Entire Letter = 22 Days) : Rest of the New Testament

You Can Do It, Too!

Using the Priorities you brainstormed, make several lists. You can decide if you want to just make one list, or as many lists as you want. Then, each night you read from all the lists.

This is also where you can stop and just start reading. You now have a plan, and any time is a good time to start reading the Bible.

Going Further

When I realized that my lists meant that I could read through the entire New Testament each month with a few days to spare, I was very encouraged! I realized that I might be able to actually read more of the Bible than I had given myself credit for, so if you are looking at your lists and wanting a fuller plan, keep reading.

How Long Does it Take to Read the Bible?

This is the exact question I typed into Google, and the website that came up first was which was pretty fascinating! After determining how fast I read I was able to determine that I could read the whole Bible in a year at just 10 minutes a day. Wow! So, I decided I could do that!

So, I added a few more lists

List 3 (1 Chapter = 493 Days): Poetry & Prophets

List 4 (1 Chapter = 405 Days): Rest of the Old Testament

So, now I have four lists and will read about 14 chapters a night, which is funny because I thought 10 was crazy, but I also have written little notes for my own plan that allow some nights to be less and still accomplish my goal. For instance, each month I plan on reading the whole New Testament, but with several days off. On those days that I want to read entire stories in the Old Testament I am not limited to 1 chapter.

Make Reasonable Goals

Give Yourself Grace

Just Read.


Author: Annie Liss

Currently a mother and a wife who loves reading. Formerly a middle school math teacher who kept too busy and stressed out to read. My husband and I are missionaries in Lebanon.

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