Packing Light

    Because I have more of a priority on Reading than most things I want to take as many books as possible for Davy’s homeschooling next year. In the curriculum she has a book for each letter, number, and a book of the week, so basically two to three books of the week. This is exciting for Davy and was how we ended last year anyway because we ended up cutting several units at the end and still read all the books of the week.

    However, through the encouragement of friends and family I know that I need to take clothing that fits, makes me feel good, and not to rely on buying when I get to Lebanon. Well, guess what my clothes are not fitting me well and so I have delved back into my closet for some XLs and am in the process of deciding what to pack. I was very inspired by a blog that takes One Suitcase. Using 14 or so pieces, she makes a months worth of outfits! Therefore I thought I would catalogue my progress in case anyone out there is looking to change up their wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Step 1: Catalogue What You Have

I took out all of my shirts, tops, and scarves and photographed them. My photos don’t look pretty, and I took them as fast as I possibly could because this isn’t about what my photos of clothes look like it is about the end result of being able to dress for the day with as few items as possible in my suitcase to Lebanon.

Capri Length Leggings

Stretch Pants (+Another Black Pair I’m Currently Wearing)

Skirts (+A Maxi Skirt I Just Bought, Has Mostly Darks & Some Color & A Pattern)


Dressier Shirts

Used to Dress Up, Make Modest


I am not including the three pieces I left in Lebanon.

I did not take pictures of my shoes or other accessories, but you easily could.


Key Lessons:


Darks: Greys, Blacks, Navy



A Few Brown

One Pink

One White


My shirts are basically two styles. My pants are all one style. My skirts and dresses have some variety.



As you know a key to making this blog this year is Goal Setting and Following Through, so I need to set some goals.

  1. Choose 2 One Suitcase “Prompts” to follow through with
  2. Gain some more variety instead of buying the same pieces over and over