My Goals For This Week

Last Week’s Goals:


  1. Organize Kids’ Clothes:
    1. Take Out Clothes That Are Too Small
    2. Pack Up & Label Clothes That Are Too Small (My mother-in-law loves to buy clothes, so she took my new clothing project and I to Savers for a shopping adventure. This was a good trade since I would have probably come up with a million other small clothing tasks that “needed” to get done before shopping since I dislike shopping so much. Now I have clothes that fit and I can start wearing right away as I pack up the pregnancy clothes…)
  2. Pack Up & Label Pregnancy Clothes (Last time I was pregnant I must have continued to wear all the pregnancy clothes until they were trash because I had none when I got back to our storage unit this time. So, I am diligently taking everything with Maternity on the label and putting it in a bag labeled Pregnancy Clothing. Next time I will have clothes instead of having to buy new.)
  3. Write Love Notes to Louis & Kyrie
  4. Exchanges and Returns on baby clothes she has already outgrown


  1. Create an Arabic Study System
  2. Add the Motor Themes to the Homeschooling Curriculum
  3. Begin Reading TCK


  1. Continue Bible Reading Plan (I am working back up to a truly regular following of this plan, so soon I will start to post where I am at again.)
  2. Write Lisses to Lebanon Blog Update
    1. Funding Update
    2. Timeline Update (I wrote it, now I am just waiting for a picture or two from Louis to add to it before I post it)
  3. Start Reading Serving as Senders
  4. Organize the Space to Write Thank You Cards


  1. Celebrate the first 2 Weeks of my Made Over Morning Routine: Use my Coldstone Gift Card
  2. Begin Studying the Bible again by reading 1 chapter this week of 1 Samuel
  3. Choose a Book For Fun & Start Reading (Started and Finished. Stay tuned for my review of You’ve Got Murder by Donna Andrews, it was Excellent!)

This Week’s Goals:


1-3. Pack for our trip to Colorado to pick up Louis!!! Yay!!! (This is a big enough task to count as three goals!)


1. Listen & Practice with Pimsleur Arabic EVERY DAY

2. Bind Quiet Books my sister made

3. Look into changing up the math portion of homeschooling for Davy since he already can count to 20


1. Continue Bible Reading Plan

2. Finish Reading Serving as Senders

3. Post Lisses to Lebanon Update & Send out Monthly Newsletter


1. See friends! (I keep putting off fellowship in my depression, so this week I am determined to take time to see friends)

2. Finish reading TCK

As always, feel free to join the accountability of goal setting by writing your own goals in the comments.

Author: Annie Liss

Currently a mother and a wife who loves reading. Formerly a middle school math teacher who kept too busy and stressed out to read. My husband and I are missionaries in Lebanon.

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