Weekly Goals for Week of January 4th

Last Week’s Goals:

Bible Reading Lists: 8 chapters per night

    For my Bible Reading I decided to continue to read the books I did not read in 2015, so somewhere near the beginning of this year I will finish the entire Bible and will make note of that when it happens. Therefore, my lists are only slightly adjusted from the lists I used last year. This time I am going to read the whole Bible during 2016, so the lists are now made in a way that I can restart the list when I finish and continue to read the Bible in an ongoing method.

List 1: Read Matthew

    List 2: Read Jeremiah 1-7

List 3: Read Judges 1-7
I finished Judges this week! It turns out I had a bookmark in Judges form starting it prior and it had just been forgotten in the many other chapters and the move, so I picked up where I left off meaning before I even began the week I had accomplished a goal, yay!

    List 4: Read Numbers 1-7

    List 5: Finish Psalms As I mentioned in my Success Post about my Bible Reading in 2015, I finished the entire book of Psalms with Davy! All 150 Psalms were read to him. He loved it. He would ask me many times to read another Psalm instead of moving onto the next chapter for the night. This week we also began Proverbs and read the first two chapters already, so next week’s reading plan, found below, will reflect that.

Reading for Self & Marriage:

Finish The History of the Moravian Church Book 1
This book is long enough to contain several books, so I finished the first book this week. It was intense and funny and interesting. I love the writing style. It is a book that will qualify for several check marks on my reading challenge for 2016. It is over 100 years old, and is a book about church history. Normally a history book sounds boring, but this one has me engaged and crying. The stories of faith, martyrs, Reformation, hope, and change are encouraging my own faith and challenging me to dive deeper with God.


    Play Killer Bunnies together: Instead of this we watched three movies together. That allowed us to spend time together even when Kyrie was awake due to teething and her cold.

    Find a Photo List for a 2016 Photo Challenge
Louis and I are very excited about this method of encouraging each other. I found a great list to start us off. It is a City challenge instead of a January themed challenge. The comments about it were that it would be a great way to get to know a city, and I think it will be a great way for us to share some of the life we live here on the blog, and for us to share with each other some things we like here, to find some beauty and have good conversation about the place we are living.


    Mommy Book Blog: Bible Goals Met

    Lisses to Lebanon: Make a Blog Plan with Louis for the year We made a blog plan for the next blog post, but we spent the holiday week working on other projects and getting caught up on emails and work.


    This week I finished Make Over Your Mornings again! This course has helped me multiple times through the many transitions to retake initiative and be intentional with my days. I do not wake up feeling behind. This is why I have this category for my goals. I know that it will take several weeks to establish habits, and focusing on one set of routines each week will help me to make sure I am being realistic and working toward my goals instead of hiding in bed from responsibility.

Focus on Morning Routine consistency EVERY DAY

        8:00 Alarm clock: WAKE UP

        8:15 Coffee: My main incentive for getting up, & Healthy Breakfast

        9:00 Memverse

        9:30 Exercise, Shower, Dressed for Day

        10:30 School, Planning, or Church

Waking up at 8:00 was not always met, but I followed through with the steps of the routine at whatever time I woke up regardless. With both kids waking up in the middle of nights and staying up odd hours Louis and I decided it was unreasonable to hold myself to the time, but I was able to follow through with the steps and get each day back on track. Success for consistency!

This Week’s Goals:

Bible Reading Lists:

    List 1: Blog Bible Study—Read 1 Samuel Chapter 26 Three Times & Write Post

List 2: New Testament—Read Acts

    List 3: Law—Numbers 7-13

    List 4: History—1 Samuel 1-7

    List 5: Wisdom—Proverbs 2-8

    List 6: Prophecy—Jeremiah 8-14

Reading for Self & Marriage:

    Reading Challenge: (Last week I was able to read an entire book amount during the week, so I am hoping to move up to trying out the Committed Reader level, which is one book each week instead of one book every two weeks, we will see how it goes.)

Book That Has a Fruit of the Spirit in the Title: Read First 50% When the Darkness Will Not Lift: Doing What We Can While We Wait for God—and Joy by John Piper

        Book By or About a Missionary: Read First 50% Serving as Senders Today: How to Care for Your Missionaries As They Prepare To Go, Are On The Field And Return Home by Neal Pirolo


        Play the Leonard Maltin Game together

        Set aside a day for picture taking for Louis


    Create a Year-Long Blog Plan for Lisses to Lebanon with Louis

    Begin on Both Blogs: Mommy Book Blog and Lisses to Lebanon to Advertise our Upcoming Series on the Book Serving as Senders

    Write Blog Post about Educational Books in Review & Future


    Create an Arabic Routine including:

        20-30 minutes each day for Davy

        20-30 minutes each day for Annie

        Clear, measurable goals.


Author: Annie Liss

Currently a mother and a wife who loves reading. Formerly a middle school math teacher who kept too busy and stressed out to read. My husband and I are missionaries in Lebanon.

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