3 New Goals: Setting Myself Up For Success!

As some of you have been following my Weekly Goals, you may have seen that a few goals have been falling flat repeatedly. So, it might shock you to see today’s title. Adding new goals when the old ones are obviously failing might not be what you would recommend, but God, and a few timely emails from my blogs and workout plan have turned me around on that very argument. This blog post has been drafted several times now because the goals I am presenting here are based on failures or things I am not good at. I am not good at consistency, especially. Sharing these three goals with you is rather personal for me. But I know it is the right thing to do because you are all my accountability, and I am so blessed by those of you who email me and ask me how the specific goals are going. Thank you all for reading and praying and being there for me.

In this current season Louis and I are shifting our own routines and trying to see what is going to actually work for a healthy life. Currently several factors are causing sleep to escape us: Kyrie is teething, it starts to get dark outside at 4:30 in the afternoon, Davy keeps waking up in the middle of the night to come sleep with us or sit in the hallway outside our room and cry which wakes Kyrie, I am still struggling with depression and we are all struggling with culture shock. So, sleep is just not happening when it should. I usually go to bed around 2-3am around the time Davy climbs into bed with us (or later if we try to get him to go back to his bed), and wake up around 8 hours later. I may be getting the recommended amount, but I wake up with few hours of sunlight left in the day, which is bad for me, since I already hate cloudy days. I need LIGHT! No matter what I have tried, though, to try to wake up early, I just roll back over in the morning. It is wearing on me.


I finally told myself that enough is enough – and I challenged myself to change my bedtime habits as the first step toward better health and happiness in 2016.

So I did.

Yeah – really, simple as that. It turns out that the key to making yourself go to bed earlier is simply this: want it badly enough.

Yup. Simpler than you thought, right? No tricks, no timers, no bribes. That’s the thing about human nature – if you want something (realistic) badly enough, you’ll generally find a way to get it.

–Beth: Red & Honey

I saw others trying wake up early challenges, and it just made me shrink thinking about attempting to wake up earlier, but then I saw one my brain could latch onto: The Go-To-Bed-Challenge. Simple enough, and the way she presented the challenge was just what I needed. And guess what, it is working! I have an 8 day streak of going to bed on time! My on time is 1-1:30am, and I have immediately been waking up earlier in the morning (8hrs. later so 9-9:30am)! I am so proud of myself!

The second new goal is even more measurable:

What if you memorized 52 verses this year?

(Click on the question to read the inspirational blog post from rachelwojo.com)

This was the email subject of an email I saw in my inbox, and it convicted me. I already have added working on memory verses to my morning routine, and I highly recommend the site I am using to anyone interested in making memory verses a habit.

GOAL 2: Memorize 52 Bible Verses in 2016

I started the year with 38 verses memorized on the site, so I plan on having 90 verses memorized by the end of 2016. (If measuring consistency is something you are interested in, the site has an excellent graph of the time spent, the number of sessions completed, the number of verses in process and memorized.) I am thrilled that I have already been keeping to about a verse a week, so I believe this goal will be great.

GOAL 3: Lose 30 Pounds (13.6 Kilograms) in 2016


This goal is what has kept me struggling with posting this. I found Bikini Body Mommy some time ago. I started one of the challenges in the States to see if it would be a viable program for Lebanon, and I love it. Briana Christine has put together a program that is accessible to anyone wanting to lose weight after baby. It is perfect for me. In Lebanon I started this when our jet lag was getting us up at dawn, but in the latest crash of sleep problems I gave it up for January. The on again off again craziness of our life made me want balance more than exercise. I am planning on working back to working out with this program beginning again in two weeks. I am using the meal plan as well, and that is working out so well!

The success so far: I have already lost 15lbs. (6.8kg)! Of course, cultue shock, moving and the increased walking and stress are all helping with the weight loss. But that leaves me only 15lbs (6.8kg) to lose this year.


Author: Annie Liss

Currently a mother and a wife who loves reading. Formerly a middle school math teacher who kept too busy and stressed out to read. My husband and I are missionaries in Lebanon.

3 thoughts on “3 New Goals: Setting Myself Up For Success!”

  1. Hi Annie – I don’t always read your posts, but this one drew me in. The INFJ personality can be a lot to bear, I know from experience! I spent my sabbatical last spring beginning to own myself. I wanted to recommend a book to you that I found very helpful. Susan Cain’s book, “Quiet.” She has done an amazing amount of research into introverted personalities, and highly sensitive people. Although not from a Christian perspective, she has uncovered and articulated much about
    God’s design and how quiet and sensitive people are a part of God’s work in the world. Press On!

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