A few weeks ago my computer broke. As it was breaking I was pretty okay with it. There were frustrating times with it randomly turning off when I hadn’t saved the last 700 words typed, or the times when it would die again while restarting. But for the most part I didn’t care because I still had access to my stuff, just less of the time. When it finally just wouldn’t turn back on it was sad, but Louis quickly found a computer shop and took it in. They were able to find the part and I have my computer back!

Louis and I shared a computer, which meant that a lot of the time I was not on the computer. Louis has more to do on the computer. And the “work” that I do is only to make his life easier, so I did far less secretarial work.

Also, a lot has happened in the time of my computer being broken.

The family that we are good friends with had their baby! Zoey is two weeks old now and we are so happy with her and she is so beautiful and wonderful and I just love her so much!!! Also her mommy was gorgeous in the hospital and Louis got to be their newborn photographer! It was amazing! It is amazing! God is so good! Zoey is my God moment for the last month. I am in love with her. Every day that I think I might see her I get so excited and smile way more than I normally do.


Kyrie Rebekah “Bekah” Cookie Liss (Davy insists we tell everyone her “whole” name) has been doing well. She had her third tooth finally break through. It hasn’t come in much, but there is this little line of tooth now on the top which is super cute, but soon will cause my fingers sadness. She is my best friend. I love her so much! She is the best daughter anyone could ever hope for! She sleeps more than I want her to because I want to spend all my time with her. I love just cuddling her and smelling her and kissing her all over. She is the most beautiful, amazing, tiny person in the world! She is my God moment for the past year. She is amazing and I love her and she makes my heart melt and I sometimes have to look down to see if it has gotten all over the floor in its meltiness.

Davy “smiling” in front of a painting of Moses in the Bulrushes painted by our dear friend Joy Houssney.

Davy is progressing through our homeschool and progressing toward going to “real” school. The last three weeks Davy has wanted to do school with such an intensity that instead of the transitions between activities being the majority of the time we have been doing double the activities, which led to us moving ahead of our plan. Davy chose to move from learning number six to seven because, “I know both of those numbers, mom!” So when we did activities up to 6, he would make us do one more. This was super cute, and we also were able to do two weeks’ worth of activities in one week. He is so into learning and it is amazing. I love his little brain working so hard. He is my best friend! We have so much fun together. We have dance parties at least once a week. We will go back to having them once a day now that I have my computer back with the kid music on it. BONUS: At the computer store Louis bought us speakers, so mega dance parties are on the way!!! I love spending time with Davy and hearing his insights. I am not even able to share all the amazing stories of his brain power and love. For instance, he was looking at the curriculum with me and saw that there was an activity for a chain to count down until Christmas. We are not on “schedule” with the curriculum because of starting in November, so it is not time to do Christmas activities. But Davy was adamant that we make a chain and so it was decided we would make a countdown to Cookie’s birthday (March 28th). Each day we have a verse to read over her and we both pray for her that verse. It is soooo cute and makes my heart explode. Davy loves his sister so much and he asks about her birthday almost every day, “What kind of cake should we choose? Let’s make sure there is pink on it because Cookie likes pink.” Or “Make sure that we get Cookie three presents from me, you, and Dad.” Don’t you just want to eat him up?! Seriously this kid!

Ok, one more Davy story (One day when you are reading this, Kyrie, it isn’t that I love Davy more, it is just that he is awake more of the day. Once he starts school I am sure you will become the center of most of my stories.): Every night Davy has been requesting one Bible story: When the ark of the covenant gets placed in the temple of Dagon. No joke, this is the story he cares about. I love this story! So for him to discover it and love it, too has been super important to me. I am so happy to read it to him every night and to share why I love it. Davy is amazing! His love for God is amazing! His prayers are profound and real. “God, bless the dinosaurs and all the people on main street. Help Cookie to never yell at mom and mom to never yell at all. Thank you for our food and for all the rhinos and that The Good Dinosaur came to Lebanon. Amen.” Awesome prayer right? Yes, it is. He cares about not only his own stuff, but all the people around us. He is starting to say hi and give hugs to people all over our street. I am so proud of him, and of course I think he is the best kid ever.

I read a lot. With Louis on the computer I spent more time on my Kindle. I posted the summary of my goals accomplished, along with all that percentage math that is so fun.

I also slowed down a lot. I took time to just sit silently and zone out. I added alone time to my life in a big way.

I prayed a lot. In The Highly Sensitive Person I was encouraged to take intentional time to focus on God’s bigness. So, I am. At first it was challenging because my digital prayer journal was on my computer, but I was able to just start on Louis’ computer. We carved out a new morning routine in which I used his computer for Memverse and prayer time. And in my times of prayer I felt like I was able to hear from God more clearly during some tough discussions and to speak wisdom into Louis’ and my life vision. What we are now using as a filter for our discussions based on this time of prayer is to “Place what God has said at the front of the conversation.” Instead of sharing what we think and feel with each other and ending the conversation in prayer we are bringing forth our concerns or ideas, but before we share our opinions we are trying to see if God has already answered or told us what to do. As I write that it already sounds so silly that we weren’t intentionally doing that before, because it is working out so well.

We caught up on a bunch of chores. All the rooms in the house were* clean at the same time! For multiple days! Crazy! Since I broke our dryer, laundry has been a headache, but the dishes are currently all caught up, the counters are amazingly clean, and there is even a spot to keep our new fancy big cutting board out looking all nice.

I was glad that living a semi-unplugged life was so easy for me. I see all sorts of blog posts about going unplugged for a given amount of time. I tend to live a life that allows for being unplugged at almost any time. With unreliable electricity and two kids and a house to clean and meals to cook and groceries to buy it is usually much easier to be unplugged. With so much of my life being renovated a lot of the time, this is one nice thing to have balance on already.

More on those renovations later, but for now I am glad to give a positive post about the good things going on for all of the lovely people who read this and pray for us.

*For those of you who caught that, yes, they were clean. They are no longer clean because I have piles of clean laundry in my room again.

Author: Annie Liss

Currently a mother and a wife who loves reading. Formerly a middle school math teacher who kept too busy and stressed out to read. My husband and I are missionaries in Lebanon.

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