Can You Pray Please?

Instead of writing up my goals for the week, we have been preparing for the upcoming Engaging Islam Intensive Training here in Beirut (actually the training is going to be held just down the hill from us in Mansourieh). At the same time, back in the States, Chayah #71 and TIROSH #18 are preparing as well. All three of these trainings have special meaning to us, and so I ask for you to take this week and pray for them. I am providing here instead of my goals for the week a Prayer Chart for you to use:


to sign up on the Prayer Vigil for Chayah #71 which will be held this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. This is a 30 minute time to bathe these girls in prayer, which they so desperately need. I am going to give you some prayers below, but please sign up. There are still times open, so let’s get them filled!



(If you are opening this today)

God, You are a Big God. With so much going on in the world, in our churches, and in our own hearts, You are at peace. I pray peace over all the events happening in my own life (fill in your own ministry prayers). I pray that I would have a link to my brothers and sisters around the world as I see so much happening. It is all for Your glory, and I pray that these events would bring You glory that goes beyond the planning and the work and the teaching days, to years, decades, and generations beyond. I pray that many would seek You because of the hearts and mouths of Your faithful people. Thank You for bringing Christ into the world and into my heart.


God, I pray for Lebanon and all of the Middle East and North Africa. I pray for the many missionaries, lay people, clergy, and all You have called from Jordan, China, America, Lebanon, Tunisia, and the other countries people are coming from a prayer of thanksgiving. Bless the mouth of Georges Houssney and the other teachers and pastors in delivering Your words of hope, that You are a Big God, that enters into the hearts of all people. I pray that every single person would be emboldened by the lessons this week to Engage with People. Today begins a training that is meant to evoke action. I pray for the ministry sessions of application that every person would go in the power of Your Spirit and Engage, not to hold back or to wait until the next time. I pray peace and hope and that Christ would be preached this week.


Once again, CLICK HERE to sign up for the Prayer Vigil for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Lord, who knew that from a scandal, from prison, so much good could be done. I suppose You knew, Lord. One of the greatest pastors was Paul, who had been Saul, a murderer. He killed many Christians before turning to You. These girls can be the next Paul or Stephen or Mary. I pray that these girls can learn to sit at the feet of Jesus this week. I pray that You can enter their heart in the sobriety of prison and take away the veil. I pray that in the quiet place in their heart that they can hear You clearly, in a way that penetrates all the pain and sorrow and addiction and anger and loss. I pray that You become real this week to these girls. Give the speakers the words to say, the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the hearts to bleed. Jesus Christ continue to give your blood in a constant transfusion that they can love with a love unlike any human love ever given to these girls before. You are real, and Your blood is real. Thank You, sweet Jesus Christ.


Jesus, you went out into the wilderness for 40 days to relive, in a way, the Exodus story. TIROSH has lived its own Exodus story in Tucson. You, only You, had the power to breathe life back into the dead bones after TIROSH had died. You are Holy, You are in charge. Take TIROSH upon Your shoulders, and don’t let Satan touch it. With the prayers of Your saints united, send that devil away, so that the youth in Tucson can be called together and sent out in Your wisdom and understanding. Strengthen the people You have called to this team, and bring the team together. Remove the obstacles that have plagued every event planning since the beginning of event planning. Make this TIROSH come together like none before it, for You are there, and You are enough.



Dear Lord, today the Chayah weekend comes to a close, the Engaging Islam training has a cultural outing to the oldest church in Lebanon, and TIROSH is being raised up alongside them in prayer out of a common love. The love of Jesus was to engage the people. The love of these three events is to engage the people. In fact, even more tightly bonded with Christ is that these events want to engage the people that others wish did not even exist. The people involved in these three ministries are loving Christ by loving their neighbor, their enemy, and the unloved. I ask that You increase that kind of love in me today. I ask that You take away from me the thought and idea that there are people out there who are hard to love. I know that I can be hard to love, but You do it with such ease. Please erase the thought from my mind, and bring me Your Love in abundance to share with those around me. Bring that love through my prayers to the people serving in the preparations and engaging with those in prison, teenagers, young adults, and Muslims.



Chayah is past, but the girls are going to wake up today and still be in prison. Speak to them today with such clarity and passion that they are reminded every hour, every minute, and even every second, that You are real. You did not ride in on the shoulders of those who were serving on the Chayah weekend and then leave. You are with them still. In Lebanon, as the staff gear up for the second week of the training, please let all the stress of planning, all the little things that didn’t go well or that haven’t been completely figured out, just slide off their backs. Give them a restful and peaceful Sunday. For those from other countries, for those who don’t know the language, for those feeling convicted or confused by the training, speak to them, draw them to You, Lord. Give them moments of Grace with You during which those things fly away. For the TIROSH youth who don’t even know they will be attending, speak to them, begin drawing them as You already have been. For those who You are calling to serve, make it so obvious that it would be outright rebellion to turn down the call. Be present where it was thought You were not present this Sunday in ways that were not expected for all around me, and even for me.


Thank you so much for joining me in prayer this week. And I hope you enjoy the posts this week.


Author: Annie Liss

Currently a mother and a wife who loves reading. Formerly a middle school math teacher who kept too busy and stressed out to read. My husband and I are missionaries in Lebanon.

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