Thank You For Your Prayers

Mondays—Or Something Spiritual?

When I woke up this morning, Davy was already whining and at the first order I gave him, he was screaming! I put him in time-out and then within minutes, as his screaming increased, I started to raise my voice.

It took us until the afternoon to truly calm down, and I was still stunned. What happened? How did a weekend full of love and family and God turn into a meltdown filled house overnight!?!

This Present Darkness

Satan is angry, mad, livid that we are running after God. So, he grabs every opportunity to grab our ankles, or kick us in the back of the knees so we stumble, slow, and stop running.

This week I asked you to pray concertedly for Chayah, TIROSH, and the Engaging Islam training. Now that it is Monday it is obvious to me that you were all praying. It is obvious that that increase lightened our hearts, and that it pushed Satan away. But with prayer levels “back to normal” as it were, Satan came pressing through the cracks in our walls.

This is more to say that your prayers were recognized than it is to ask for more prayer. However, I do ask for prayers.

Can You Continue to Stand in the Gap for our Family?

Davy is struggling. We got on an airplane to go on our visa trip, then we got another one to come back to Lebanon. In his mind it has always been 2 airplanes = grandparents. This time it was just back to Lebanon. He is mourning and sad and too smart for his own good. Please lift him up in prayer.

This is also the first time that Louis has held such hours. Normally he has to take an extra day each week to do work from home. He has been at this training every day and then working with the interns sometimes into the evening. Both kids are struggling with him not being home more, which of course makes it doubly hard for him having to leave. He is feeling torn between really getting to work in his element and follow through with everything we have been working so hard on for the past few years, and missing us.

Finally, I am ashamed that I lost my temper with Davy when I know all of this. I am ashamed that I am not truly awake until that first cup of coffee. I want to be the understanding hug around him that makes him know that everything is going to be okay. Please pray for grace to fill my heart and that I would be able to clothe myself with strength, as in Proverbs 31.


Author: Annie Liss

Currently a mother and a wife who loves reading. Formerly a middle school math teacher who kept too busy and stressed out to read. My husband and I are missionaries in Lebanon.

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