Kyrie’s Year in Pictures

A Picture A Day

I have begun taking a picture of Kyrie and her brother each day. This is in the spirit of Louis’ desire to take a picture of Davy each day for his first year. I argued with him at the time that we wouldn’t be able to do that with every kid, so while pregnant with Davy we decided that we would wait a year to do the same for the second child.

This way I can safely take a picture of both kids without having to pose Davy and make sure he knows how to hold the baby. And who knows, maybe with kid 3 we will wait until the second birthday! In any case, we have had a great start. I am not concerned as much about missing a day or forcing the kids to be together. In fact, one of the first days I took a picture of each of them in separate rooms because that was the fun moment that I wanted captured that day—simultaneous fun from these very different little people.

Palm Sunday = Relationship Building

Easter Sunday = Day 1

Because she was born the day before Palm Sunday, we were going to start that day. It was very special to our family for Davy to be able to bring the palm leaves from church to the hospital when she was born. Upon meeting her he was already showering her with the love of Christ. These two little kids really do love each other. From the time she was in my tummy and would move herself toward Davy when he sat with me, to now, they have had a special bond. Of course he is all boy and she is super girly, but they were obviously meant to be together for these important growing years.

March 28 = Her Birth Date

Davy had already gone to bed or was napping and I wanted one on her actual birthday.

April 1 = Her Birthday Party

April 25 = The Tube at the End of our Visa Trip

Posting this Project

I don’t have any of those fancy ways to just snap a photo on my phone (I don’t have a phone currently) and post it online, but I am hoping to find a way to update you with these. If you are interested in seeing the whole project, let me know, and I can invite you to our Shutterfly Site.


Author: Annie Liss

Currently a mother and a wife who loves reading. Formerly a middle school math teacher who kept too busy and stressed out to read. My husband and I are missionaries in Lebanon.

3 thoughts on “Kyrie’s Year in Pictures”

  1. hi Annie and Louis. Really enjoyed seeing the photos of Kyrie’s year and also you and Louis and Davey. Still ray for you often and you all look good. Also enjoy your mom blog, Annie. These are some very busy years in your life. God will get you through. We’re doing good. Tomorrow is my wed.morning bible study so got my lesson done for that. 2Peter chapter 2 and 3. I really enjoy the study with my Christian friends. Well, take care and continue the good work there. Love, Melissa and Michael

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, the days are just flying by for them to be little. It is fun to take a picture each day. Davy has even started reminding me when he is doing something fun, “Take our picture for today, Mom!”

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