Goals for the Week of May 16th


I have grown exponentially in patience thanks to all of your prayers! Thank you, thank you, thank you! For everyone who has been praying for me to be able to handle the meltdowns of my son, I still need them, and they are working! He went three days in a row without a meltdown, and I hope the streak continues. In fact, this morning he was becoming manic while I was making breakfast, and I snapped at him when he was trying to leap over Kyrie Rebekah. Finally, he sat down at the table and I asked him if he would like to pray, and this is the sweet prayer he prayed,

“God, it is starting off to be a rough day for me. I am running around and crazy and I can’t calm down. I need to calm down, God. And God, pray for the food that it would nourish our bodies, and for the food. Amen.”

It was beautiful and innocent, and showed such growth in turning to God for this need instead of letting it control him. Thank You, Jesus!

One of the interns was sick this week, so we went to visit her and help make sure she had everything she needs to get better. It was a great trip for Davy who was so excited to be helping someone who was sick “Like in Franklin, Mommy!” He has several books in which the parents go to make someone feel better, and Davy was glad to join that community of taking care of the sick.

We are growing in hospitality at our home as well.

We are having the interns over for Bible study each week, and while the cleaning is not up to my level of need yet, we are able to take extra time and get it done. I spent hours after everyone went to bed the prior week to keep it clean, which took its toll with Louis gone for 12 hours every day that week. This week I ended up too exhausted and burned out, so we are readjusting. We are having a couple over from our church this week, which is something we thought we would never be able to keep clean enough to do easily. The stress has been minimal to prepare.

I got a phone!

The first two days I forgot I even had a phone, and then I tried to use it and it wasn’t working, but now it is all ready to Whatsapp and call. I think it will help my life and that of Davy who had so much trouble last week having no contact with his dad. Now if Louis is late they can say goodnight on the phone and I can continue with our regular routines instead of waiting for Louis to come home to make dinner at the risk of a meltdown.

I have memorized 75 Bible Verses this year on Memverse.

Goals for Last Week


Go on a Garden Adventure to buy planters and dirt.

Work on Labs 02 and 04 from Gardening Labs for Kids: Design Your Garden and Egg Carton Seed Starting

Finish the Letter O and start the letter P


Give her walker time every day

Clean her room with her

Continue having meals for the two Little Ones

Marriage & Family

The Garden Adventure as well as grocery shopping and possibly getting water ourselves would all be useful to Louis

Staying on top of the chores and meal planning: “On top of” is undergoing some revision in my mind as I review these goals. The fact that the house was able to get up to guest level approval within a day makes me feel like this was accomplished, while all week I did not feel like it was clean enough for me.

Bible Lists

This week we entered another season of Davy desiring his Children’s Bibles each night, which is always awesome. However, I did not then take time to read on my own. I hadn’t planned on it, and my days were so full of needy kids I just collapsed almost as soon as I tucked him in each night. I am in prayer about where to put Bible reading in this change of season for Davy.

List 1: Finish Romans & 1 Corinthians

List 2: Acts 11-17

List 3: Ezekiel 17-23

List 4: Job 4-10

List 5: Finish 2 Samuel & 1 Kings 1-3

List 6: Leviticus 11-17


My plan of assigning myself reading worked well for one day, but I lost track of my Paragon this week a little bit worrying about the cleaning. I am going to try it again this week, and I think I might just cut back on my overall goal of reading if I can’t change my habits this week.

Serving as Senders by Neal Pirolo 44%-54%=10%

Undone by Michele Cushatt 45%-End = 55%

The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine N. Aron 52%-62% = 10%

Grace Takes Off by Julie Hyzy 0% (For Escapist Reading)-33% = 33%

Succulents by Towni Doigle = 0%-30%= 30%

10% + 55% + 10% + 33% + 30% = 138% = 1.38 books read

Exercise & Nutrition

Bikini Body Mommy 4.0 Challenge

Strength Videos 40 & 43 with Ab Video: Uping the Ante

3 Days Cardio I did no videos this week. We had cardio days of shopping and taking the loads up and down the stairs. Again I feel like I spent time worrying about other things. I have been convicted, and now I have to forgive myself, recognize I can’t fit every activity in the world into each week. I need to stick to my goals, what God has called me to do.

Fit Test & Weigh In

Author: Annie Liss

Currently a mother and a wife who loves reading. Formerly a middle school math teacher who kept too busy and stressed out to read. My husband and I are missionaries in Lebanon.

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