God in the Details

This year my Bible Reading Plan has taken me through a lot of details that God planned out. His attention to the numbers, timing, and the way He plans out His adventures in the Bible have given me increased confidence as we move forward with planning for Kyrie’s surgery. Because it is a sensitive surgery, many people are still feeling some disconnect with why our 1 year old needs to have surgery so young, so I want to take a little time today to give you the numbers and timeline.

The Facts

  • The surgery will take place on December 28th, 2016.
  • The surgery will be done at Tucson Medical Center
  • The surgeon is Dr. Richard Ashley from Arizona Pediatric Surgery and Urology Ltd.
  • Surgeon’s Fee ———- $1000
  • Hospital —————– $5000 (with 69% reduction for self-pay from $11,000)
  • Anesthesiologist ——- $1000
  • Total ——————— $7000
  • We are not raising money through Horizons for this so that our partners do not feel pressured into supporting this medical need. Horizons does not aid in our receiving insurance or in any reimbursement of medical costs, and they take 10% out of everything given through them. Therefore, we are doing it through GiveForward, which takes a credit card fee of 2.9% +$0.30 and %5 overhead/admin. This is still a percentage, but it is less, and they are providing us with a website and tips to get the fundraiser going.

The Timeline

March 2015

Kyrie was born March 28, 2015. On March 29 the pediatrician came to check her out and to give the okay for her to leave the hospital. He found that she has an imperforate hymen. You can find more information about what an imperforate hymen is and what it would mean left untreated HERE. The basic summary is that when a baby girl is born she needs to have a perforation in her hymen in order for bodily fluids to pass through. God cared for Kyrie first in that there was enough perforation for her to be able to go to the bathroom.

Because she is so young she probably does not have any real awareness of the issue, and by getting the surgery done so soon we hope to avoid the trauma of having the surgery if there is a complication. She does seem to struggle with some bathroom issues that could be symptoms, such as cases of extreme constipation, but it also could be traveler’s sickness. It is very hard to tell with a little one.

November 2015

We pursued getting the surgery right away, and when that fell through we were comforted by our pediatrician telling us she would recommend for us to wait until Kyrie turned one because of the need for anesthesia. At one Kyrie is less at risk for any complication with the anesthesia. Her surgeon agreed with this, so we came back to Lebanon November 2015.

The one stipulation we received from her surgeon was not to put her in daycare or potty-train her until we had the surgery. Both daycare and potty-training increase the chances that someone will not take the extra care to clean her when changing her diaper and wiping her. Here in Lebanon, with Kyrie starting school at 3 years old, this put us in a restricted timeline.

March 2016

Kyrie turned 1, and the picture we are using as her fundraising picture is from her adorable birthday party! So, here is a few more pictures from that party when Davy was teaching her to open presents:

Once Kyrie turned one it was time for more vaccinations, so we found her a pediatrician in the country. Once we had that appointment, it was apparent that no opportunities for the surgery happening outside of the States was possible, so we began making preparations to return to America and have the surgery.

September 2016

Davy is beginning Kindergarten (KG1) this year at Christian Teaching Institutue, CTI. He will begin the last week in September, and you can look at the school website HERE. For this month we are mostly focusing on preparing for this giant transition in our lives.

We have begun sending out a weekly Prayer Meme, and you can receive them in your email inbox by CLICKING HERE.

October 2016

The month we are going to call Share to Show You Care!

The big push for October is going to be to have everyone possible share the GiveForward site. If you could take a second to share our GiveForward posts whenever you see one, we would so appreciate that! Share on Twitter, Pinterest, facebook, or any other social media platform you can to get the word out there about the financial need for the surgery.

November 2016

This will be the final month to raise money for the surgery before we go into culture shock and transition in the move back to the States for a month. If you think you could coordinate a Bake Sale, Craft Sale, Raffle, or other event to help us out we would love to give you a media packet full of pictures of our family and printouts with the website to give for you to post at your event or in your church or office. Please CLICK HERE to join our facebook group and start planning an event. We so apprecate any help we can get on this venture!

December 2016

We will all be heading back to the States as a family in December with round trip tickets for one month’s time. We will be experiencing culture shock, jet lag, and jitters in the height of holiday season. Prayers, and maybe a meal or two for our families would be a huge blessing. If you can make a meal to deliver, please CLICK HERE to sign up.


Author: Annie Liss

Currently a mother and a wife who loves reading. Formerly a middle school math teacher who kept too busy and stressed out to read. My husband and I are missionaries in Lebanon.

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