Why I Can Call Myself A Cook Now!

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I Never Used to Cook

I was not opposed to cooking pasta or something from a box, but I truly used to avoid all raw meat, all food that had more than two or three steps in the recipe. When I first married Louis I received an excellent cook book for the wedding shower, but every meal seemed to be something we disliked more and more.

All of those jokes about the wife burning the food, or pretending to like the food your newlywed wife cooks were all true for us. This past year I knew that I had to up my game if I was going to lose my goal weight. In the past I have had a great time with the Bikini Body Mommy site for the online exercise videos, so I decided to use those right away. This time I also became a paid member and signed up for the meal plan. Every week Brianna sends meal plans with all the recipes and a grocery list so you know exactly how much to get to follow the plan.

A Plan That Worked For Us

Not having to plan and think was one of the benefits. I also decided not to make the family eat every meal, but to stick to it for myself while allowing them to eat their meal. Then something crazy happened. The whole family liked the majority of the meals. Over the course of the year, I also learned so many ways to substitute foods, and have even been able to adjust other meals when we find something outside the plan we want to try to cook.

A Good Attitude

The change in my attitude is the best part for my family. Being able to provide for them healthy meals is very satisfying as a mom. Not having to make as many decisions, being able to buy the same ingredients and have a core set of meals that we really like to make has transformed our decision making. We have more time on our hands with this no longer being a fight, or even much of a discussion. Food seems to magically appear on plates now that we have this plan.

I have lost 71 pounds this year.

I know this has to do with truly finding that balance of diet and exercise. Check out Bikini Body Mommy for yourself!

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Author: Annie Liss

Currently a mother and a wife who loves reading. Formerly a middle school math teacher who kept too busy and stressed out to read. My husband and I are missionaries in Lebanon.

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