Learning to Love Myself


This is Day 6 of my FREE 21 Day Writing Challenge. It isn’t too late to Join the Challenge! The clock just turned midnight as I began writing this post, but I am persevering and posting this so I can keep up with my challenge along with any of you seeking to share in it with me.


I picked my word of the year for 2017. I picked my first word of the year last year, Discipline. I ended up a little disappointed that I didn’t feel more disciplined at the end of this year. I still struggle with basic obedience to God. I still speak up against Louis in front of the kids and others at inappropriate times. I still give up on plans and don’t follow through with most projects. I still think of myself as flaky and blonde. How frustrating to end the year of using a word of the year and feeling like it had no effect. But I started looking through my journals and posts from the last year and realizing, as I shared yesterday in my post about healing from childhood trauma, I am a new woman! 2016 has altered the course of my life, my relationships, my hopes and my dreams. In fact, prior to 2016 I did not have dreams for my life, I was a pessimistic, hopeless wanderer.


Why did focusing on discipline help me learn to dream and have hope? In my pursuit of discipline I found that I have hope when I have boundaries. Discipline is often about living with different types of boundaries. Also, I learned a big lesson in realizing that I cannot do everything. Discipline is about focusing on what needs to be done, prioritizing. Losing the idea that I can spend 8 hours a day with my kids, 8 hours a day alone, 8 hours a day with my husband in one-on-one time, 8 hours a day writing and reading, and 8 hours a night of sleeping. That is a hyperbole, but on three separate occasions throughout the year I checked in on a time budget and can share a success. At the beginning of the year I found that I was attempting almost an extra week’s worth of events per week. The second check had me closer to 3 ½ days over. The last time I went through my time budget I was only 21 hours over. This is a small thing, but helped me realize that I need to have success points.


In picking my word of the year for 2017, I was so happy to find one that can have so much meaning for me. I am going to share all about this word and its meaning to me in a future post, so I am going to keep to the point here of how to learn from the past in order to inform the future. Knowing that if I just meditate on the word belong for a year there is a chance that the new me at the end of 2017 won’t really remember how it was back here in 2016, I must point out things I hope to change through this meditation throughout the year. Already as I have thought about this word, so many little changes have begun happening and I have had to stop and write them down. As you begin to look ahead to your own New Year’s Resolutions, remember to take time to recognize where you are at right now, so when you are looking back at the end of the year you can see the changes. For me, I have this idea percolating in my head that I actually can be happy. This seems normal to many of you reading, but to me this is a huge change from the past me. I look toward future me and I am so excited to meet her.

This post is one of a series meant to kickstart a writing habit. I created exclusive prompts which are emailed to those of us signed up for my FREE 21 Day Writing Challenge. I am posting my responses each day, and I invite you to join me in this writing journey by CLICKING HERE! The only way to receive the prompts is to sign up for the Challenge. The emails will include the prompt for the day as well as directions to kickstart your writing habit for any combination of the following:

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Author: Annie Liss

Currently a mother and a wife who loves reading. Formerly a middle school math teacher who kept too busy and stressed out to read. My husband and I are missionaries in Lebanon.

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