My Take on BuJo (aka Bullet Journaling)

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BuJo aka Bullet Journaling

This year is marking the start of my calling what I do by the name everyone else is calling it. I have been effectively moving toward a bullet journal or using a bullet journal my whole life without calling it that. So, now I have succumbed to the trend, and I am calling what I do a bullet journal as well. Basically, a bullet journal takes the hundreds of journals, planners, calendars, notepads, scratchpads, etc. that I have scattered about and combines them all into one journal. Through a bit of organizational ingenuity I am able to keep everything in one place. I just started my newest bullet journal since finishing up my previous notebook as my practice starter. I took a bit of time to create a new table of contents like index, add in trackers for my goals for the year, book list, weight loss tracker, and a few other pages. I loved the calendar I wrote through the holiday so I am still bringing my previous notebook around opened to that calendar page, but by January 16th I will be fully into this new bullet journal.

Looking Back

There are quite a few pages that I would like to use in blogs, review and analyze, and make use of their ideas from my past notebooks. So one project I am going to be working on is to figure out an index for all my notebooks and sort of digitize the ones I want to have overseas with me. Once I realized I basically already bujo, it is fun to look back at notebooks through that lense and see them not as crazy messed up flittering thoughts, but to see that I can have basically all of who I was at that moment as best I could have written it then. It is quite fun.

Analog Archiving

Since we left my computer in Lebanon with its fried battery, so I can hopefully get a cheap new one for being a mobile student of Rutgers University this coming year (YAY!!! I got accepted this week!!!), I had already been moving to analog. Paper and pens. It is so much fun to sit outside with a notebook and fun, colorful pens and just write. I don’t write as fast I type, of course, but it gives me time to think and process, and see what I am thinking without the easy backspace to erase thoughts I don’t want to admit I have. Bullet journaling is so helpful in analog because I can have it with me whether I have internet or not, whether the electricity is working or not. I think I may need to invest in a booklight so I can write when it is dark, though. When I pin something on Pinterest there is a small chance I will actually go back and look at that pin and then follow through with doing the project. However, to take the time to write something down is a big step toward doing it. Being able to see it more often because it is right there on a page I am looking at repeatedly to reprioritize has also moved me into action. I have spent far less time on internet fluff since focusing in on my bullet journal, and it has allowed me to work out ideas that on a computer screen just seemed to push me into a sterile white corner of confusion.


Writing with my hands, feeling the muscles get sore, and watching the pen glide across the page has helped reawaken my passion for writing. I am also getting so excited to use the bullet journal to take notes on books that I am reading in my hands (now that I am in the States I am taking advantage of non ebook reading), and I am just really enjoying living out this traditionalism. I hope that this excitement roots itself deep inside me, and I plan to continue growing in my organizational habits as I add university classes to my daily life.

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