How I am Meeting my 2017 Goals

Today is my first day back to blogging, and I am posting this as soon as I type it. It isn’t the most polished blog post, but I am getting back into the habit. I didn’t finish the 21 Day Writing Challenge myself because I was in shock at Kyrie’s healing and subsequent personality change, so I have been enjoying my daughter instead of writing for the blog. This week, however, I was reminded that people want to know how life is, so I am starting off with a taste of how the New Year is starting off with a reflection on meeting my goals. This is my new computer, so I have no pictures downloaded yet, but in upcoming posts I am going to be even better of giving y’all great visuals of life as a mommy missionary.

I Met 90% of my Goals Last Year!

That was a big deal. Yes, there were goals that were unreasonable, but it was way more than I accomplished the year before. One of the keys to success is setting the goals. By setting the goals, I was able to see my progress and it motivated me to keep going. So many times we get to the end of a year or even a season in our lives, and although we were busier than ever, we may not see the successes we had. I have made it a habit to track successes in many areas, and this year I am doing even more tracking.

Also, note that I did not meet 100% of my goals. I made audacious goals, and sometimes they didn’t work out for me. One big goal was to read the whole Bible and to read the New Testament through 5 times. There were so many weeks that just got skipped, so the New Testament was only read 3 and a half times, and I only got through about 80% of the rest of the Bible, but that was pretty good. To start off this year I am following a 90 Day Bible Reading Plan since I know that these next few months are the lightest I am going to have in the near future.

I lost 25% of my body weight last year!

The main key to what I did was to decide I was going to work out and use a meal plan, and then to do it. So many times it is just too easy to let ourselves slide, but by thinking about the end, and recognizing that every day was a day I had to spend on my goals, I was able to go above and beyond my goals.

This year I am doing it again, and I have great news! Bikini Body Mommy just started Challenge 6.0, so you could join me and workout, too! I use the meal plans as well, and do the bonus ab series. This plan is working for me, it is easy to begin at any weight range or activity level you are currently at. Please feel free to join, I just started this week, and the challenge just started last week, so you can jump in and be a part of the community.

Because I had success I feel so much more motivated to keep making new goals, to keep striving for the joy I feel when I exercise, read, write, and spend time doing all the things I love doing. Meeting goals even helps me persevere through the harder, less fun parts of life.

Our Front Room Is Clean!

We just came back from America after one month of family focused trips and health related doctors (See Kyrie’s health update by CLICKING HERE if you haven’t already). We brought back 4 checked bags, 3 carry on sized bags, and 4 personal bags and put them all in our front room. We arrived on a Sunday night and we had nine days to get that front room presentable for our first Arabic class. Our teacher comes to our house, and we already have a very American house, so we didn’t want bags out and about.

I decided to be rational, calm, and logical. Denying my emotional side the chance to freak out, I made the backup plan of throwing everything in my room the day of Arabic if I wasn’t able to clean, and I set to work steadily going through the bags. If something came out of the bag it had to have a place right away. I finished by the end of the first week with all the checked bags. Huge bags are now empty in my kitchen waiting for me to brave the cold to reorganize the maid’s room for them, and my front room is sparkling, swept, mopped, and I even have decoratively set the table. Yay for being clean. I am not good at it, but I have built habits and routines to do it.