Where Am I Going?

What does the future look like?

I am seeking consistency. I want to be able to stop spending so much mental energy on decisions in order to make time in my day for things beyond the menial tasks. Determining what those big values are comes after creating a foundation.

The foundation has been underway for quite some time, which is actually why I haven’t written.

I had grand ideas about sharing with you in my whole journey to self-discovery this year, but it turns out that the beginning has been mostly internal. I haven’t been able to begin finding words for the process until recently, and still I am not making sense a lot of the time. However, it is happening, I am becoming the new me that I am so excited to meet at the end of the year. I am already becoming this person I want to be!

My life has changed drastically from the inside over the past few months, and now I will probably spend the rest of my life explaining about this transformation. I am realizing things as though for the first time, but I know I have been learning them for over a decade. It has just taken 11 or 12 years for it to sink in entirely.

This is giving me a deeper understanding of life as a journey, an ongoing process. It brings me peace that I don’t have to have everything figured out right now.

Moms were invited to Davy’s school for an Easter Program last month.

Where Am I Now?

I am finally in a new routine.

As I sit down to write for the first time in months I have on my desk my current habits that I am tracking and my Big Goals for the year.

I have instituted new habits in my life, posted to me desk so that I can remember and remind myself each day, “These habits bring you life, Annie!” These habits are kickstart style with 21 days written out and I cross out the day as I do that habit. My first four habits to track this way were

  1. Go to Bed on Time
  2. Wake up at 5am.
  3. Protect Alone / Quiet Hours
  4. Stick to my Decisions

I limited myself to 4 goals at a time, and once I finally crossed off day 21 on one of those habits I allowed myself a new habit. I added Read the Bible as my fifth habit. This past week I finally crossed off day 21 on the last of them and have replaced the habits with Study Arabic, Memorize Verses using Memverse, and am putting Go to Bed on Time back on since the week after I stopped tracking it I stopped doing it.

Where Am I Going?

These habits are going to establish new routines in my life which will allow for better health for myself and my family.

Taking the time to care for my brain with these goals has been instrumental in being present for my family instead of burning out by 3pm each day.

I have goals and vision and hope. Every day I can wake up knowing that I have a purpose today. This is a great feeling!

Author: Annie Liss

Currently a mother and a wife who loves reading. Formerly a middle school math teacher who kept too busy and stressed out to read. My husband and I are missionaries in Lebanon.

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