Weeky Goal Check-In for the Week of May 29, 2017

Sick Week

Just as I started doing these weekly goal posts again I got sick for an entire week. I think I have mentioned it before that being sick seems like the perfect time to catch up on reading and writing, but instead I just spend the days trying to get through the day, sleeping, and moving slower than a sloth. However, I am finally feeling better, and even amidst being sick I have some successes to share.

Successes from Last Week


Book Progress:

Although I didn’t finish any books I did take the time to restart two books I had gotten from my Kindle First months and had never read. With Ramadan beginning our internet has slowed dramatically and so getting my books from the library has halted for a time, and I figured I ought to read the books I own on my Kindle while I am waiting for good internet. So I made progress on 3 books this week.

Bible Progress:

I read all of Job this week.

I also added Bible reading back into the bedtime routine for the kids, so we started through the Psalms this week also.


I was so glad this was a review week because being sick meant we took a few days off from homeschool. We still were able to start a Father’s Day craft, review most of the material we were supposed to, and we are all set for this coming week to start off right with new material.



Saturday I did my Fit Test and measurements.


The weigh in and measurements are done every 15 days, and I lost 3 pounds in those 2 ½ weeks. I also lost ½ inches in many of my measurements including my waist and hips. Yay!

A non-scale victory for me this week was noticing that my feet have gone back to looking like my feet. When Kyrie was born and with my weight gain after her birth I ended up with puffy feet. Now they just look like my feet.


Louis and I were able to have a good meeting helping me feel comfortable explaining what he does with more detail. I even wrote up some summaries to post on our Lisses to Lebanon blog prior to my heading to America so I can refer people to the blog with confidence.


Every year Lebanon has a Spring and Garden Show. This has become a family event for us because it allows us to feel rooted here. We buy a plant or two, and it gives us a day to be family and do something we enjoy. It is a street fair atmosphere, which feels like home for us. We ate ice cream, the kids got to play on a blow up bouncy house with a slide and a giant blow up slide. Kyrie played until she literally could not climb the slide, so the adult working the slide carried her up and helped her slide down the last two times. She couldn’t believe we were leaving even after she fell from half way up down the air filled “steps” onto her head. It was adorable and fun. Davy bought flowers and we ended up leaving at 10pm.

Goals for This Coming Week



Read the Psalms to the kids each night at bed time.

Complete at least 4 more “days” on my Bible reading plan.


Finish 3 books this week of the 4 I am currently reading.

Homeschool & Exercise

After having a sick week I know it will be a challenge to get back into routine of waking up early, and doing homeschool 4 days, but I need to push through and Just Start again.

Author: Annie Liss

Currently a mother and a wife who loves reading. Formerly a middle school math teacher who kept too busy and stressed out to read. My husband and I are missionaries in Lebanon.

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