Goal Check In for the Week of June 12, 2017

Successes from Last Week


I read the Bible in my downtime a lot this week. I am in 1 Chronicles, which literally put me to sleep one day, but I am getting naps! Success for naps, and for pushing through.


With sickness the last few weeks, it was a challenge to get back on track, but we are doing it! And the kids are so adorable. I love teaching the Bible to them, and Davy has Psalm 23 almost completely memorized. It is awesome to see their little minds and hearts growing.


Fit Test this week! Even with all the sickness and delays, I lost inches and weight! I am so excited! Louis and I have been super busy preparing for America and with interns and life, so I don’t have any progress pictures to post with this check in today. But I am feeling great, and it is working!


For those of you following Lisses to Lebanon or Mommy Book Blog you may have noticed a lull this week. Louis wrote a post, which ended up taking time to format and we also had some crazy prayer requests come up. We shared the prayer stories via email for people signed up to receive our Prayer Challenges and Alerts, so CLICK HERE to join that list.

Goals for this Coming Week



Library books checked out on the Kindle.

Finish reading 2 books.


Read 4 “days” on my Bible Reading Plan.


Continue building the habit of Write Every Day.

Prepare for the Lisses to Lebanon Prayer Challenge. If you would like to join us for a week long prayer challenge, CLICK HERE.


Get my house organized and ready for packing.

Laundry done so I can pack clothes that fit the kids.