Do This One Thing To Get Rid of Digital Distraction in Your Life

In The Beginning This blog was started because a nurse thought that I wouldn’t be able to read as a mom. Since that day my son was born until now I have been constantly reminded that we can accomplish something when we really put our minds and energies towards that one thing. In an ongoing … Continue reading “Do This One Thing To Get Rid of Digital Distraction in Your Life”

When Did People Become A Bad Word?

PEOPLE It seems that people love animals more and more as time goes on. This belief permeates the world that animals are innocent, and people aren’t. Except that Sneaky Snake, but I guess we try to forget about him. We get to blame whatever animals do on instinct, but with each other we know better. … Continue reading “When Did People Become A Bad Word?”

Are You Spending Wisely or Just Spent?

There’s that cute picture of us in London on our Visa Trip again, but with that same pointed question, Does Your Life Matter? If you missed the first post CLICK HERE. The purpose of the juxtaposition of the sweet family image and the question in the background comes from a book I am reading, Undone, … Continue reading “Are You Spending Wisely or Just Spent?”

Goals for the Week of May 16th

Successes I have grown exponentially in patience thanks to all of your prayers! Thank you, thank you, thank you! For everyone who has been praying for me to be able to handle the meltdowns of my son, I still need them, and they are working! He went three days in a row without a meltdown, … Continue reading “Goals for the Week of May 16th”