Mommy Book BlogReading is a magical and transcendent event for me. Books, fiction, nonfiction, children to adult, are wonderful things. College began my fade away from reading. This continued in my teaching. Teachers are meant to be life long readers, but with all the training and stress my one true stress reliever stood to the side. I still got to read some amazing books, but it was nothing like the escape that I am now attempting. However, I am also happy in my life now. Reading is fun again because when I put the book down I realize the book is not my only joy. I have hope all around me, and I have found that the world outside the book being okay is part of what makes me love reading. I can enter the world of the books.

As I am on many adventures in my life, I also like to share about those. As a missionary in Lebanon there is a great adventure to share and it affects how I keep my house, my marriage, and my children. This is my place to share, and I hope that you gain encouragement in whatever part of the adventure you are in!

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