Goal Check In For the Week of June 19, 2017

Successes This Past Week


I read a fantastic book called The Great Passage, by Shiwon Miura. It was such a well-crafted book, and made me care about dictionaries and words quite a bit. Worth a read for any book lover.


This week was another Fit Test, since 15 days had passed. I had a funny weight loss story happen when weighing in. I weighed in and realized I had gained 4 pounds! I was disappointed, but know that weight can fluctuate throughout the days, and it isn’t that big of a deal. I am feeling like I look better, I am feeling stronger, I have increased stamina, so all of my goals are being reached regardless of 4 lbs. A few days later the kids wanted to be weighed, and Davy was asking how to read the scale. As I was showing him I realized I had read the scale backwards! I had added weight when it had actually been 4 lbs I lost.


I lost 4 lbs in the last 2 ½ weeks.

I also lost inches in my waist and hips.

Here are two of my #BBM6.0SweatySelfie’s. My arms are getting toned!

Language Learning

I have been building a habit of practicing every day, and I feel like it is really helping my brain to feel success.


Mommy Book Blog

New Total for the Year: 22

Do This One Thing to Get Rid of Digital Distraction in Your Life

The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned About Blogging

Lisses to Lebanon

New Total for the Year: 12

Let It Go: A Frozen Post by Louis

Join Us For A Week Of Prayer

This brings me up to 34 posts out of my goal of 52 posts. So I am at 65% of my goal. This is fantastic progress as I am writing every day now in a regular habit.


Sunday marked the beginning of our newest Quarterly Prayer Challenge Week, so I have been hard at work all week preparing the in depth emails which will be sent only to the small group committed to our Prayer Warrior Team! CLICK HERE if you would also like to join that Prayer Warrior Team and commit to praying for our ministry in Lebanon this week!

Goals for This Coming Week


Since we are entering full prep for travelling, I want to continue to read. Reading The Great Passage this week allowed me to stay calm and not spend every minute working to burn myself out. I hope to read another book this week that is a novel to relax.


I need to work on the Prayer Challenge. There will be posts on the blog with a general description of prayer needs, but only the Prayer Warrior Team will receive the in depth explanation of what we are seeking prayers for.

Additionally, I will not be taking the laptop with me to the States because we need to buy a new one for Louis, so I am hoping to schedule blog posts ahead so that there is at least one a week while we are traveling and getting settled. This means writing multiple posts and continuing to be consistent while preparations increase for travelling.


This week I am diving into sending emails to set up appointments with people for my time in America. Several big dates have to be decided, and I am seeking God’s guidance and wisdom for making wise decisions.


Today, Monday, is the last day of school for Davy. We opted out of his class trip because it is an extremely expensive picnic, and because Louis’ work schedule was going to mean that the first two days of summer vacation he wouldn’t be around. We are going to have a family picnic in our living room instead so we can spend time with Daddy before heading for America. We hope it can be a fun day to relax as a family.

Goal Check In for the Week of June 12, 2017

Successes from Last Week


I read the Bible in my downtime a lot this week. I am in 1 Chronicles, which literally put me to sleep one day, but I am getting naps! Success for naps, and for pushing through.


With sickness the last few weeks, it was a challenge to get back on track, but we are doing it! And the kids are so adorable. I love teaching the Bible to them, and Davy has Psalm 23 almost completely memorized. It is awesome to see their little minds and hearts growing.


Fit Test this week! Even with all the sickness and delays, I lost inches and weight! I am so excited! Louis and I have been super busy preparing for America and with interns and life, so I don’t have any progress pictures to post with this check in today. But I am feeling great, and it is working!


For those of you following Lisses to Lebanon or Mommy Book Blog you may have noticed a lull this week. Louis wrote a post, which ended up taking time to format and we also had some crazy prayer requests come up. We shared the prayer stories via email for people signed up to receive our Prayer Challenges and Alerts, so CLICK HERE to join that list.

Goals for this Coming Week



Library books checked out on the Kindle.

Finish reading 2 books.


Read 4 “days” on my Bible Reading Plan.


Continue building the habit of Write Every Day.

Prepare for the Lisses to Lebanon Prayer Challenge. If you would like to join us for a week long prayer challenge, CLICK HERE.


Get my house organized and ready for packing.

Laundry done so I can pack clothes that fit the kids.


June 5 Weekly Goal Check In

Successes This Past Week


The kids’ bedtime coincided with the evening prayer time for Ramadan all week, so as I was tucking the kids in we could hear the call to prayer. So we had family prayer, songs, and Bible reading every night. It was wonderful, and the kids were even quicker to get ready for bed in anticipation by the end of the week. Yay! Successes in obedience!

I finished When Helping Hurts and a book called Terms of Use.

Book Total So Far: 19


Both kids love doing homeschool, and Davy had his first set of “exams” this week. We were moving the week that I was supposed to give him his writing test for capital letters, so we skipped that one. He had to trace the letters we have been working on and then write them by himself. He did very well. Two lowercase letters were backwards, but his capital letters and numbers were perfect.

We didn’t really get a week in, and routine was tough, but we got caught up by also doing homeschool on Saturday.


Mommy Book Blog

New Total for the Year: 18 Posts

Am I Happy Yet?

Lisses to Lebanon

New Total for the Year: 9 Posts

Posts from this past week in case you missed them:

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How To Use Your Pen in the Battle

I am at 52% of my goal for the year! I caught up quickly to my goals by just working on it every day for awhile. Even working a lot less on the blog the past two weeks I was still able to have things scheduled to post.


David performed in his school musical. It was a huge cultural experience, and completely adorable.

Goals for This Coming Week



Library books checked out on the Kindle.

Finish reading 2 books.


Read 4 “days” on my Bible Reading Plan.


With Kyrie sick, we ended up staying up with her at night, and since I hurt my head and neck I gave myself a week before I worked it. So my goal for this week is to get back in the routine of waking up early to work out.

As I rework my wake up time I will also have the goal to work out every day whether it is in the morning or at night.


Go to class! A good goal after two weeks of being sick.


Continue building the habit of Write Every Day.

Prepare for the Lisses to Lebanon Prayer Challenge. If you would like to join us for a week long prayer challenge, CLICK HERE.


This week is Louis’ and my 9 year anniversary!

This week also marks 3 months in our new apartment.

Weeky Goal Check-In for the Week of May 29, 2017

Sick Week

Just as I started doing these weekly goal posts again I got sick for an entire week. I think I have mentioned it before that being sick seems like the perfect time to catch up on reading and writing, but instead I just spend the days trying to get through the day, sleeping, and moving slower than a sloth. However, I am finally feeling better, and even amidst being sick I have some successes to share.

Successes from Last Week


Book Progress:

Although I didn’t finish any books I did take the time to restart two books I had gotten from my Kindle First months and had never read. With Ramadan beginning our internet has slowed dramatically and so getting my books from the library has halted for a time, and I figured I ought to read the books I own on my Kindle while I am waiting for good internet. So I made progress on 3 books this week.

Bible Progress:

I read all of Job this week.

I also added Bible reading back into the bedtime routine for the kids, so we started through the Psalms this week also.


I was so glad this was a review week because being sick meant we took a few days off from homeschool. We still were able to start a Father’s Day craft, review most of the material we were supposed to, and we are all set for this coming week to start off right with new material.



Saturday I did my Fit Test and measurements.


The weigh in and measurements are done every 15 days, and I lost 3 pounds in those 2 ½ weeks. I also lost ½ inches in many of my measurements including my waist and hips. Yay!

A non-scale victory for me this week was noticing that my feet have gone back to looking like my feet. When Kyrie was born and with my weight gain after her birth I ended up with puffy feet. Now they just look like my feet.


Louis and I were able to have a good meeting helping me feel comfortable explaining what he does with more detail. I even wrote up some summaries to post on our Lisses to Lebanon blog prior to my heading to America so I can refer people to the blog with confidence.


Every year Lebanon has a Spring and Garden Show. This has become a family event for us because it allows us to feel rooted here. We buy a plant or two, and it gives us a day to be family and do something we enjoy. It is a street fair atmosphere, which feels like home for us. We ate ice cream, the kids got to play on a blow up bouncy house with a slide and a giant blow up slide. Kyrie played until she literally could not climb the slide, so the adult working the slide carried her up and helped her slide down the last two times. She couldn’t believe we were leaving even after she fell from half way up down the air filled “steps” onto her head. It was adorable and fun. Davy bought flowers and we ended up leaving at 10pm.

Goals for This Coming Week



Read the Psalms to the kids each night at bed time.

Complete at least 4 more “days” on my Bible reading plan.


Finish 3 books this week of the 4 I am currently reading.

Homeschool & Exercise

After having a sick week I know it will be a challenge to get back into routine of waking up early, and doing homeschool 4 days, but I need to push through and Just Start again.

Goals for the Week of May 21, 2017

Successes from Last Week


We signed Davy up for a summer course of hockey while we are in the States!

The kids are loving homeschool this year, and it is great for giving them activities and focus in the afternoons.


See my Post How Are You Taking Care of Your Body? This week about my continued success in working toward a healthy body.


In our Arabic lessons we have been doing conversation for the duration of the lesson for a few weeks now, so less than 10% of our time is English, and then only to get the word in Arabic and confirm the connotation is correct. It feels good to be almost conversational. Louis is doing so well!


I have started blogging again:

Mommy Book Blog—New Total for the Year: 11 Posts

Where Am I Going?

Goals for 2017

Making My Goals A Reality

Set Yourself Up For Success

How Are You Taking Care of Your Body?

Lisses To Lebanon – New Total for the Year: 4 Posts

Dates Posted

May Financial Update

My goal with blogging is to gain consistency, so I know that this burst is not the point, but the continuation of writing, editing, and publishing. My goal is to post 52 blog posts this year, which is at least one per week. I have gotten rather behind, but weeks with multiple postings do really help with that.

I am at 29% progress with my blog post goal.


Partnership Development Planning has begun. We have a few people signed up for appointments with me while I am in the States to hear about what Louis and I are doing in Lebanon and how to join in our ministry.

Goals for this Coming Week


Finish Speaking the Truth in Love and When Helping Hurts

Put Desiring God, My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business, and A Confident Heart back on hold from the library.


Continue to Write Every Day even if not everything I write is “post-worthy”


Continue to put together a Partnership Development Plan I can follow in America. Research in order to set SMART goals for my time in America. Break up the big ideas into baby steps that can be accomplished on a timeline. Meet with Louis about the Plan.

Making my Goals a Reality

I finally shared my Goals for 2017 now that we are halfway through the year.

For some of you this is a relief to see someone else who doesn’t have it all together just in January. Let’s be honest, we need to Spring Clean our brains sometimes just as much as our houses. For me, May has been a real relief on my brain as I have gotten the shelves in there a bit more organized, and it shows up in my house as well. I am able to decide so quickly what needs to happen in my house when my brain is less cluttered.

If you are like me and have had trouble sticking to the goals you made back in December and January, maybe you need to adjust them. I shared some of the reasons for needing to take the first part of the year to truly set my goals. My daughter’s healing has transformed her, and I want to make the most of that time, to take her in, and to just enjoy this new joyful little girl I have. It meant putting off things like blogging for a while, but it was worth it.

Now I have this happy girl with a routine with me and we are learning to thrive in Lebanon together as a family. David is loving school, loving the bus, loving his friends, and our new house. We are all loving our new house. The move happened quite quickly and was a few months of adjusting as well.

Give Yourself Grace When Legitimate Disruptions Happen

Everyone has big things, or just a lot of little things that are legitimate and happen in life. When these things disrupt our goals it isn’t always a failure on our part. I have not been lazy this year, or depressed as in the past. Life happened, and I had to scrap the goal list I made in November in favor of a better life.

My better life is still going to happen with the aid of tracking goals, but in a way that nurtures life rather than restricts my life. I am thriving because I am using a routine. But if I was trying to stick to an old routine I would not be thriving. Our new house means a new bus schedule, which means new wake up times and afternoon drop off times, and I have finally created a routine that works for all of us around that schedule. We have a larger grocery store near us, so now we shop less often, but it takes a great deal more planning to organize getting all of the groceries home without a car. All of these small changes have had huge effects on our weekly schedules as well.

Return of the Weekly Goals Posting

My Big Goals of the Year I now need to break down into weekly goals again. Being able to have daily tracking for habits has helped me establish good habits as I wrote about a few days ago in this post on Where Am I Going?. It takes them to the simplest form and allows me to accomplish them. The Big Goals are daunting and as our lives are in flex they feel impossible.

I like to use my monthly calendar with an eye toward my big goals to make sure I am still working toward them. I started writing down the books I need to finish in order to accomplish my book a week goal, and that has been so helpful. I also am tracking hours I spend in Arabic immersion situations and studying formally.

The kids have specific days for homeschool, and they are great accountability because Davy wants to do homeschool every single day when he gets home from school.

The blog has been tough with one computer now between all of us, but we are figuring it out.

And I am back to working out every day.

As you can see, some of my goals have been firmly built into my routine.

The foundational building I have been doing over the past few months is so essential. To really look at the desires of my heart and be able to start living that out has been amazingly transformational. I am so happy with this progress!

FREE 21 Day Writing Challenge 1 Week Away!

Last year I set a goal for my blog to post a regular weekly series as well as two posts per month. This equaled out to a goal of 76 posts. In the year I have posted 82 posts, so I met that goal! However, the consistency was lacking. There were entire months with not a single post, and other months which had so many posts I am sure no one read them all. I want to steadily improve this piece of my blog this year.

The same thing happens with our personal journals, correspondence with family and friends, and our prayers as did with my blog this year. If you are hoping to fix one of those areas in your own writing life, Join my FREE 21 Day Writing Challenge HERE!

For those who join you will receive a prompt in your inbox each day of the FREE 21 Day Writing Challenge. It will be simple and even include the process and how to transform your words into the medium you desire: letter, journal, or blog post. Join now, this Challenge kicks off December 15th!

FREE 21 Day Writing Challenge Starts in 2 Weeks!

I am committed to improving my communication with my family, friends, and followers using this blog in the coming year. I have come up with a plan to scale from one post per month to one post per week in 2017. In the coming weeks I am going to jumpstart that commitment by offering a FREE 21 Day Writing Challenge for you all to share with me in this commitment.

So many people tell me how they wish they could write more, whether a personal journal, a prayer journal, their own blog, or even letters to friends and family. This challenge will help with all of those goals. If you want to start writing for any reason, even to finish that Christmas Letter you have been putting off, then JOIN HERE for FREE!

For those who join you will receive a prompt in your inbox each day of the FREE 21 Day Writing Challenge. It will be simple and even include the process and how to transform your words into the medium you desire: letter, journal, or blog post. Join now, this Challenge kicks off December 15th!

Goals for the Week of June 13

This Past Week

God Moment

Kyrie started walking! She took her first steps on June 7th. She thought it was weird, but tried again a few times. June 9th she stayed up late just practicing! She thought it was so funny, and she would often get so excited about having walked that she would crawl a lap or two as fast as she could from one end of the house to the other laughing and squealing with joy.

Davy, of course, is extremely excited for her and he tells her, “We knew you could do it!” He is a wonderful big brother, and is loving his new job of watering the plants on our balcony. He is quick to learn and is able to point out dead leaves to pluck.

Success & Progress

Use a Timer for Cleaning Time I can’t even count the number of times in which I post about a goal that is going so well, progress being made, only to come to a complete stand still the following week! This has been the case this week with so many of my goals. However, my perspective has been moving slowly and steadily closer to God’s own view and I am finding more and more peace in what I perceive as failure, but God perceives as something else. I am still trying to understand, but God is with me. This week, the cleaning hit a few walls, one of which was hurting my leg so that it hurt too much too stand and do dishes. However, in Louis taking over dishes and making me take some sick time, I was able to review my cleaning methods, different things I have tried, and come up with a usable cleaning schedule. It is prioritized and everything! I am so excited to start using it on Monday.

Sweep the Floor and do Dishes After Every Meal Davy clears his place after every meal, and with Louis and I clearing our places as well we have even been able to wipe down the table after meals!

Work through the two workbooks I am going through:

One More Step by Rachel Wojo

21 Days to a More Disciplined Life by Crystal Paine

    Each day I am working in this book toward a “Mega Project.”

I may write more about these books in a future post, but since my writing has come to a standstill with interns here I will share a little about my Mega Project, which I feel like is well under way.

For me it isn’t the cleaning as much as the attitude I carry. I have felt hopeless about cleaning pretty much since moving into this apartment 3 years ago. Moving here with 2 kids this time made me even more wary knowing how much harder it will be. However, I know that God will help me in my weaknesses. So, I am clinging to faith. Now I have to release this bad attitude about cleaning to him. Both of these books are helping me release and work toward a happy home.

My Mega Project was hard to put into words two weeks ago when I started the book. “I want to have a different heart about cleaning, and feel like this is My Home.” That was about all I could say about it. I am still struggling to truly put it into words, perhaps that should be its own post. To begin with I found a list of 20 minute per day tasks to get a house clean in 31 days. So, basically a month long project to get the house clean. Then I repeat those 31 days every month, with a few added projects the following months, since the house will be relatively clean to start from. As I work through I have been writing my reflections, revising the list, and this past week was able to create what I think is a wonderful reusable Daily, Weekly, and Monthly way to do the cleaning the way I want it done.


Read 2 Books.

Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain 73%-END = 27%

21 Days to a More Disciplined Life by Crystal Paine 15% – 68% = 53%

A History of the Moravian Church by J.E. Hutton 75% – 77% = 2% of the Entire Set, I read 15% of Book 3.

The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine N. Aron 73% – 83% = 10%

Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas0% – 7% = 7%

One More Step: Finding Strength When You Feel Like Giving Up by Rachel Wojo 0% – 48% = 48%

Some of My Best Friends are Books by Judith Wynn Halsted 8% – 14% = 6%

The Gospel of John Volume 2: The Daily Study Bible Series by William Barclay 4% – ??? Louis and I read a lot of this, but I don’t have the book with me to figure out how much.

27% + 53% + 15% + 10% + 7% + 48% + 6% = 1 2/3 books over the past two weeks.

Start a new “fun” book. Not a book, a website, I have been reading Apartment Therapy posts each night before bed.

Continue reading each day. Take the time.

I spent a lot of time the last two weeks researching. Researching calms me in a way almost nothing else does. I researched cleaning, waste management, vermicomposting, and helicopters. This involved a lot of very engaging reading, and some of it was from blogs in which I could go and purchase the book to make it “count” toward my reading challenge, but instead I just read for free, had fun doing it, and rejoice in the peace and joy I felt through it.

Additionally, the kids and I had many many reading marathons. As I am reading a book on creating a reading program for my children at home I have felt increasingly that I want to just read to them whenever they want, so we have been. Kyrie even brought a book to the hospital for her vaccination and check up.


My goal for writing this week is to consider it Bonus if I get to write, and to not feel guilty for not posting blogs.

I did not feel guilty. I did a lot of research on things, and so will probably start to write as I need to process. I have been writing (BONUS!) by creating the Cleaning Schedule, going through One More Step and 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life, and planning our upcoming visa trip. These were great calming and coping strategies for me the past few weeks. I may turn a little of it into blog material eventually, but as I am learning about my role of being “Just” a stay at home mom this year, owning the “just”, rejoicing in the freedom of being able to read, write, or just stare at flowers for a long time, storing up resilience, being wooed to God’s side, getting to know my kids, I am not burdened by blogging. I love sharing with you all, so I will continue, but I have been able to release it to God as well. So freeing!


Bikini Body Mommy 4.0

Videos 64-70
I didn’t actually accomplish all the videos. One day I sat for an hour with no internet, so I worked on a project for Louis instead and we went for a big walk in the evening. Another day Davy walked into me lifting a dumbbell and so I stopped working out to care for his head which had a huge bump from the dumbbell. I used Spark People to calculate the time I should use as a goal if I end up using stair climbing or a walk as my exercise instead of the video and I was able to match that the first week. The day that I hit Davy with the dumbbell was the same day I got this huge bruise on my leg (possibly from him kicking me while I iced his head), but I kept pushing and we did two big outings with lots of walking and lifting, but the day I am writing this I have been in bed all day with it throbbing, only dulled by the ibuprofen. So, I am going to take some time this week to heal. Perhaps I will do arm exercises or abs, but even moving my thigh last night was hurting my calf, so I will be cautious.

Measurements, Pictures, and Weigh In It turns out this coming Monday, June 13th is the day for my weigh in. Bikini Body Mommy recommends 15 day intervals. So Monday I will weigh in and do pictures. Hopefully Louis can keep my bruise out of the pictures.

Goals for this Coming Week

Cleaning Mega Project

This week begins the use of my new cleaning schedule.

Use a timer (iPod mix) for 20 minutes in the morning, post workout while I cool down.

Complete this cleaning time by 3pm each day.

Use timer again for cooking dinner & a 10-20 minute clean of what is left on the list.


Read 2 Books.


Continue to Journal through the two workbooks One More Step & 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life.


Take it slow. Do not overuse my leg that is still hurting.

Measurements, Pictures, and Weigh In

Workout Plan: If my leg hurts on my grocery trip at the beginning of the week, then I will modify to do only upper body and abs throughout the week.

1. Grocery Trip Cardio Walking

2. Take time to calculate progress during this Challenge 4.0 which is almost completed.

& Abs Video

3. Video 80 & Abs

4. Video 81 or Abs

5. Video 82 & Abs

6. Video 83 or Abs

7. Sabbath Rest

Goals for the Week of May 23rd

Last week when I wrote up my post for Goals for the Week of May 16th, I forgot to actually write goals for the week of May 16th.

Partially, it doesn’t matter because I am posting these as accountability and vulnerability instead of making strict rules for my life. I have Grace.

Throughout the week I knew my BIG GOALS, and still worked toward them, so I will share about my movement in each of those categories as well as some goals for this coming week.


Bible reading

has hit several speed bumps. Davy has gotten very excited about reading huge sections from his children’s Bibles, so I have spent roughly the same time I would normally be reading my Bible Reading Plan to read to him from his Bible. This, I see as a success as he takes ownership, and I am still engaging with the Scriptures and learning from our times together. It is also amazing to be there as someone hears these Words of God for the first time!

My second speed bump is just being a mom, so the same speed bump, makes reading tougher books like Romans (harder to read sentence structure and big words, especially in the ESV) more difficult. I went out for lunch with another mom of a baby this week and it turns out she is also reading Romans. She was sharing how it has taken her so long to get through a chapter or two and I was so relieved because I was feeling sad I couldn’t continue my amount of chapters each night. It was such a God Moment for her to be reading the same book as I am in the Bible and to bring up the same struggle. It made any remaining guilt flee.

Reading Challenge

Since I love reading, but the Tim Challies’ 2016 Reading Challenge purpose for me was to get outside of Escapist Reading (cozy mysteries, just for fun books) to read, I started out this year with the idea of reading through the first two lists, but was also super excited about the prospect of reading all of them. I am sticking to that original goal until it is done, then moving to the next goal. In order to accomplish Avid Reader (26 books in a year) I would need to read 1 book every 2 weeks, so I am definitely going to accomplish that goal! Every week I don’t make it to my goal of reading 2 books, I know that I am still working toward that Avid Reader. The Committed Reader is 1 book per week, and I am basically on track to do that now that I am building the habit of reading.

This week I read:

Serving as Senders by Neal Pirolo 54%-End = 46%

The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine N. Aron 62%-73%=11%

Grace Takes Off by Julie Hyzy 33%-End = 67%

The Spiritual Survival Handbook for Cross Cultural Workers by 0%-16% = 16%

46% + 11% + 67% + 16% = 1.4 Books read this week.

This week I began reading in bed again. I have tried to refrain so that I get sleep, but have found that reading really helps me fall asleep, so I am a pendulum this year looking for the balance between staying up until sunrise with a book and no books once the sun goes down. This is the perfect season for me to determine this in, so I am content to just keep reading. I feel like so many lessons God has been storing up for me are scattered amidst the pages of these books.

The reading challenge is also teaching me the joy that comes from time alone. I truly am an introvert, I was falling asleep exhausted yesterday and took a bath with a book and felt as though I had slept for 10 hours. I was bouncing off the walls after that alone time. God and I are becoming even closer friends in this time of me learning about myself, too!

Exercise & Nutrition

I weighed in, and I have maintained my weight. This week I still had strength and cardio, just no videos or structure. I am still following the meal plan, and a big part of this week was getting back into that habit and adjusting some of that for summer. I was able to prepare dinner before going out with a friend, so when I got home it was ready to stick in the oven. I was able to make some meals that I have been hoping to, but just require a little bit of prep. Overall, while no videos were accomplished, I felt very accomplished.


Hidden amidst this goal report I wonder if anyone will read this far, but I will open up my heart here, partially because very few people will still be reading, I think. This month our marriage felt battered. I shared a little about it in seeking for prayers, but losing our Sabbath time for three weeks was miserable. We are running on empty and this weekend is our first break since returning from London. It is taking a toll to be a part of an organization that does not value Sabbath.

However, we are reaching out to God, and we are receiving so much prayer, love, encouragement, and care from our church family back home in Tucson, Phoenix, and even from people who attended MTI with us. We are feeling the results of the intentionality with which we approached relationships in our preparation for coming here, and they are good fruit. Because of this community, we have felt hope.

We had a few parenting struggles that made us feel like we were on opposite teams, and a few harsh words ended up said in raised voices that neither of us meant. It had the look of burn out and bitterness taking root, but instead we have taken today as a Sabbath, we have forgiven and apologized, and we are reminded that God is the Boss. God told us to Sabbath, we didn’t feel that we could for three weeks, and now we have the consequence of that. But that was a 3 week season. Now we have a season of taking Sabbath when we had agreed upon, and we are going to reap the fruit of that from God.


It turns out that we have amazing kids! They are so smart and well behaved and amazing! They are adorable and little and cute! They are growing too fast!

The kids are just getting past that first visa trip hump, which I am sure will be a renewed struggle in August when we go to Cyprus. This is the longest Kyrie has ever lived in one place. Both of our kids are struggling in their own ways, but we are seeing such growth.

I can’t really even put into words all the successes, but I truly feel like I am gaining balance in this area of my life, that I am seeing fruit of all we are doing to obey God in raising the kids. Davy is getting so excited about school in September, and I am starting to reach peace about it as well.

Kyrie still refuses to walk, so we are giving her walker time each day. She is eating with a spoon (she picks up the food, puts it on the spoon, attempts to eat off the spoon, takes it off the spoon, puts it in her mouth), she is starting to talk with a bossy voice (not real words usually), and I am just loving them to pieces.

We continue to homeschool, but on a more relaxed schedule to focus more on Davy and I spending intentional time together, and less on my abilities as a teacher (which are not great with early childhood). One of the interns we have coming this summer is even going to bring the curriculum for me to do a 1 year old version with Kyrie next year. I am so looking forward to it, and we are continuing the Bible portion of the 4 year old curriculum with Davy next year as well.

Goals for Next Week

Daily Goals to Tighten Down on This Week

Prayer & Gratitude Journal

I felt in the midst of the week that this was something I needed to get back to doing.

Write in my prayer journal every day.

5 things I am thankful for every day


This has become such a helpful habit, to write every day. This week I would like to find a section of the day to commit to writing so that I do not allow myself to get distracted with chores and emails.

Keep working on following my writing calendar each day.

Cooking & Meal Plan

The prep has been stressing me out. I need to find a way to just do it. This week I prepped dinner during breakfast, which worked very well.

Follow the meal plan that I take the time to write. Don’t change it based on emotions at the time I am supposed to cook.


Fit Test Video 45, Measurements, & Pictures

Strength Videos 54, 57

Cardio Videos 53, 55, 58

Sunday Skinny Sabbath Video 56


Get back up on the horse for Bible Reading, make it a part of my morning again or my alone time.

Kyrie also pulled out my bookmarks, which was such a small thing, but made me overwhelmed by the idea of trying to find my place in each of the books I am reading. So, find my place at least this week and start reading something.

Read 2 books. All my books were 1-Click Archived accidentally again from my Kindle, so I will have to take note of percentages this week as I redownload to read. Just keep reading. Finding time every day to read would aide me in caring for myself and being a happier mom. As well as giving myself a way to learn and process all that God is teaching me in this Stay at Home Mom time in my life.

It was so nice to finish books the last few weeks that I have been reading for so long. I created a fun (for me) Excel calendar for reading that I hope to start following this week and to make reasonable and full of grace for myself.