Book Review: Here There Be Dragons: Excellent

Here There Be Dragons

Jane Yolen

This anthology of Jane Yolen’s many works on dragons was a wonderful, magical read. The book traveled through many mythologies of dragons in poetry and prose. It was fun and has many of those transcendent moments where the story was not merely a fantasy about a magical creature but contained some of the stuff we hope we are all made of. Heroes and damsels, as well as a few stories that make the reader reflect on why we need dragons to be a fantasy instead of a reality.

I would recommend this to anyone interested in fantasy. I would also recommend this to anyone who is staunchly against fantasy. It is a great book of poetry for those who love verse, and the short stories are great for struggling readers, whether due to a lack of ability or desire. A great book for the whole family, at least for my Middle Earth believing family.


Book Review: Bigger Than A Bread Box: Great

Bigger Than A Bread Box

Laurel Snyder

An emotional book of a girl dealing with her parents’ separation. She finds a magical bread box and begins a moral adventure of discovering more about herself, her mom, and people in general. The author was not writing an autobiographical account, but had obviously put quite a bit of thought into the emotions, mental processing, and psychology of the events in the story. In the acknowledgements she acknowledges this fact and admits that she did quite a bit of “dripping” on her keyboard as the typed. The writing style sounded like a real person telling a story. It was told from the perspective of a 12-year-old, and often sounded like she was writing about it after the fact. The writing style mirrored a way of sharing that I hope to put into my own writing about my self or any story about people I ever work on. It was honest and therefore true even though it was not based on true accounts. The Bruce Springsteen references were spot on as well. Definitely an author I would read again.

I would recommend this book to any young child in double digits. I think that the book had a lot of lessons in humanity that are worth the read for any child whether they are struggling with some of the trials of family or not.

Book Review: The Purple Kangaroo: Good

The Purple Kangaroo

Written by Michael Ian Black

Illustrated by Peter Brown

This humorous book has a monkey that claims to read the audience’s mind. It is a funny book, short, and has one awesome picture for a young baby with big eyes and a face taking up the entire two page spread.

I had fun reading it to my baby, but it didn’t offer me much more than that. He made a hilarious face at the big monkey eyes when the monkey tries to hypnotize the reader.

I think this book will be a fantastic read when my child is older. When a kid is old enough to speak and understand what mind reading is, read this one to them. It will crack them up and make your day. Until then, it is fun to see a baby’s eyes flash when that huge face shows up.

Book Review: Pecan Pie Baby: Excellent

Pecan Pie Baby

Written By Jacqueline Woodson

Illustrated By Sophie Blackall

A soon-to-be-big-sister is not as happy as everyone else about this new baby coming. Pecan pie is the red thread through this book, reminding us all that life is lived in the small moments. This adorable children’s picture book captures the feelings of an only child not ready to lose her place in the family. The writing is told in such a way that it sounds like the little girl is speaking throughout the book.

My personal take away was a memory of my own lack of preparation for my baby sister. I wanted a puppy and I wanted that squirmy, reddish, loud thing to go back where it came from. As I read this story to my own three and a half month baby, I prayed that he would be excited to be a big brother. I want to also remember the small things in raising him that he will have his own pecan pie moments with myself and my husband.

I would recommend this book to be read to any child 0-12 years of age getting ready to have a new sibling enter the family. A friend of mine has an entire shelf of books on being an older sibling which prepared her for the event. This book should definitely be a part of that shelf in my own house.

Tucson Festival Of Books: March 9th & 10th

It is fantastic to live in Tucson. I love everything about living here! The weather, the people, 4th Avenue, my family: all amazing. We have a Gem and Mineral Show that is huge. Wandering through it,  I was ecstatic! Surrounding me on all sides was one of my biggest passions, rocks and minerals!

Now there is the Tucson Festival Of Books! If I had known about this I would have moved here long ago. However, it wasn’t until college that I discovered this amazing event. Even then I haven’t attended, probably out of some jealousy that others had gotten to grow up with this wonder and I was so far behind. However, now that I live here I just have to take part in the excitement.

I have a husband who cares greatly about movies. He has a list of 1265 favorite movies. I have been impressed by this as I have watched it grow through our five years of marriage. One of my favorite things he has is a collection of lists he uses to find movie recommendations. It occurred to me as I began avidly reading, eating up all the authors on the list for the Tucson Festival of Books, that I could make such a list. I have a passion to share my heart with others, and books often show me a reflection of myself. They teach me something about humanity that is worth sharing with the wider community out there. So, I decided to create a blog sharing about books I have read and giving recommendations about who would enjoy reading said books.

Welcome to my Mommy Book Blog!