3 Ways I am Making Room for Abundance

Limiting Date Nights to Weekends

The first semester I was really loving my routine of Davy going to bed early, and having time to watch movies or play games with Louis late into the night. I would groggily wake up and get Davy on the bus and then go back to bed for several hours to make my 7 hours of sleep. This semester, though I am in a season of effective morning time, and I just can’t stay up all hours on school nights. So, my bed time is 8:30, right after the kids’ 8:00 bedtime.

I am missing the extra time with Louis, but everyone is benefiting from my good mood and the house being cleaner. For some of you reading this, you are not carving out a date night each week, so hearing that I had up to seven nights a week with Louis in our previous season may be surprising. We both knew that it was a routine not meant to last, but it might be something you want to try rather than lessening your time with your loved one.

Front Loading my Biggest Goals

Every year I make big, year spanning goals. My repeated goal of reading the entire Bible is the main one. This year I am looking ahead and recognizing that I have big things coming–starting a Masters program being the biggest. So, I am putting the goal of reading the entire Bible early on. I am spending my mornings reading large sections of Scripture, following a 90 day Bible Reading Plan. Yikes! Once I finish this, I will have the extra half hour to make changes in the next season of life.

My blog posts are slacking, so along with my goals for blogging, I have frontloaded this goal by creating a list of writing prompts and starting an accountability group to check in with me on whether or not I am writing. This will lead to having lots of content to edit and work with, and I can start building momentum from there.

Finally, I am starting (after I shake this terrible chest cold) my workout plan. The 90 Day Challenge with Bikini Body Mommy and the 9 week Couch to 5K combined will give me a big kickstart on my weight loss and health goals. Then I can reevaluate after the 90 days.

Carving out a Weekend

Louis and I are big proponents of guarding the Sabbath. We sit down each week and make sure that we have a day other than Sunday that we are taking as a Sabbath. Additionally, this year, we are not planning things on Sundays so that we have an entire extra day for flex, and we are doing the same for half of Saturday. Whereas Monday is Grocery Day, Tuesday—Arabic Class, Wednesday—Staff Meetings, Thursday—Skype Meetings, etc. Friday through Sunday do not get assignments or tasks to fulfill each week so that as stuff comes up we have space, but also to learn to say no. Friday is our go to Sabbath, and Saturday is half Home Project day, and Sunday is church. Other than those labels, nothing goes regularly on the calendar for those days.

So far this has not once meant we actually had those days off, but it has given us the space to say yes to things we would otherwise be too busy for.


In this season I am seeking peace and happiness, charging up for the coming work ahead. These three adjustments have been pivotal in my finding calm in my days and nights, and helping me be a better mom, wife, and a better me.


Hit the Pause Button

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Hit the Pause Button

Just this past month did this new one-liner join our family list. We have a long list of one liners in our family to convey a lot of meaning quickly. Hit the Pause Button was Poppy’s (Louis’ dad), and it fit so perfectly in this season of our life. As we have taken the time to prioritize our family, our work, our relationship with each other, my husband and I have learned about seasons. Specifically we have been learning how to take the time to recognize the season we are in, and prioritize accordingly. As things shift beneath our feet, as plans change last minute, as our child throws up just as we are about to walk out the door. These are times when the event, the task, the plan can seem more important, but 30 seconds from now is not going to be all that much different than now. In fact, it is going to be worse now if we rush. There are many times you just have to stop for a second and reevaluate.

Here is where all the justifications can start rising to the surface, the exceptions to the rule. But I argue that none of those are truly exceptions. So, if you are saying to yourself, “But what about when…”

What if You Miss the Bus?

Many mornings Davy takes a while to get ready for the bus. Davy’s bus picks him up at 6:15am, so he is understandably groggy a lot of the time. There are mornings that I get very frustrated because he is not progressing on schedule. I have everything very tightly planned so that he can get the most sleep possible, and any little amount of dawdling can make us late for the bus. To my chagrin, I have snapped and yelled more than one morning to try to hustle him along. I always regret the sadness that his day at school will begin with in that case.

One wonderful morning, I did not yell, I did not shout, and I was so proud of myself. However, we missed the bus. I started worrying and fretting, but then turned to Davy and said, “Let’s hit the pause button.” We went back inside and he played while I made coffee.

After a cup of coffee I gathered our things and we set out for a taxi. Davy didn’t feel blamed, since really there was a bunch of things happening to make us late that morning, not the least of which was that I had not put his uniform sweater in the correct place and we spent 10 minutes searching for it.

This was an instance that the task could have caused a fight between us, where I would be so mad at Louis or Davy for putting things away in the wrong place. I could have been upset that we spent extra money on the taxi (a whole $2.66 round trip) when we were using the bus because it was cheaper. I prioritized my family, my son, my marriage, and I just looked at everything with a calm level head, only possible because we Hit the Pause Button.

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